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  10 Best Career Pages of 2019

Updated on Dec 16, 2019 6271 views
  10 Best Career Pages of 2019

Did you know that 69% of job seekers are more likely to take a job if the company has excellent brand management (Source)? 


Did you also know that your company career page is what reflects and represents your company's work culture brand best?


Career pages are a big deal when it comes to a company’s hiring process, being that it is vital to hire the right candidates and give potential employees a feel of what working for your company is like.  Your company's career page should reflect the company’s values, work culture or benefits of working with you


Nevertheless, having a sensible career page is one thing, optimizing it is a step forward guaranteed, but having a clear strategy for- what it would look like, visuals to use, tone of voice, elements you wish to highlight so that it converts visitors to applicants; that’s the real prize.


Now, because we understand that the whole process of creating a career page of this magnitude which captures the applicant at first glance, involves a lot of work, brainstorming, and imagination, we found you some great examples:


Gentlemen and ladies, feast your eyes on the...


Top 10 Career Pages of 2019:

  • Anglo American

  • Standard Bank

  • Shoprite Holdings

  • Naspers

  • First Rand

  • Sasol

  • Absa

  • Nedbank

  • Sanlam

  • Old Mutual


1. Anglo- American

Anglo American Page

 “Reimagining mining to improve people’s lives”


The Company:

Anglo American is a British multinational mining company based in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, United Kingdom.


The Anglo American’s Career Page: 

When you click on “Working at Anglo-American” page, you are led to a page boldly asking “Could you be the difference?” under it a paragraph calling for applications from individuals who genuinely wish to follow a career path that makes a difference, and shares the company’s vision of moving the world to a more sustainable future, while working together to connect earth’s resources to people who need them in a company that is best described as inclusive and homely.


Anglo-American creates a diverse and yet inclusive and non-discriminatory working environment, where the term used to describe employees is “Our people”.


On the same page, there is another section that shows visitors how the company’s global reach and reputation are beneficial to their career and most importantly, the places working with Anglo-American can take them.


The Career page also has several other pages showing job opportunities, graduate hub, the hiring process, frequently asked questions, career advice, a look into the world of existing employees and other resources designed to make sure that the applicants’ job search experience at the company is a smooth and easy one.


Check out the Anglo-American career page.


2. Standard Bank 

Standard Bank Page

“Committed to driving Africa’s growth and moving her forward”


The Company:

The Standard Bank of South Africa is a limited South African Financial Services group and is Africa’s biggest lender by assets. Its corporate headquarters is in Johannesburg.


The Standard Bank Career Page:

Standard Bank Career Page

Standard Bank is no doubt a bank which is progressive and isn’t unshaken when it comes to standing at the forefront of gender equality, with a gender rights banner displaying boldly on one of the slides on its front page. A+ for that by the way.


At first glance of the Standard Bank Career page, you can easily see how this company prides collaboration and equality amongst members of their team, creating an inclusive and conducive working atmosphere where everyone can feel welcomed. 


In addition to valuing the ideas and opinions of each worker, Standard Bank also rewards employees with enviable benefits- money and incentive wise. The bank has a dynamic and supportive culture, and help their workers mature by providing them with extensive learning and development opportunities.


3. Naspers

Naspers Page

“...We Look for opportunities to address big societal needs in markets where we see the greatest growth potentials”.


The Company:

Naspers is a multinational international group and one of the largest technology investors in the world with its headquarters in SA. 


Its principal operations are within the areas of internet communication, entertainment, gaming, and e-commerce.


The Naspers’ Career Page:

Naspers Career Page

On the Naspers’ career page, the word’s “We attract and recruit the world’s best talent to build outstanding companies and products used by hundreds of millions of people every day” are boldly written at the top.


Usually, most companies are more concerned about if the candidate is well-qualified for the job and how those qualifications can benefit them. But not Naspers.


Naspers just doesn’t want to recruit the world’s best talent to work for them, they also have something to give to them something unique in return, which is “a meaningful and rewarding place to put your talent to work”. 


In addition to this :

  • Naspers is a unique place for job seekers to build their careers, (We) they help their (you) employees to connect, learn, stretch, and make the most of their talents no matter what stage they are in.

  • (We)They empower employees to be responsible and make decisions because they trust them to do a good job, and whenever they need help, they are sure to get it. Naspers believe in their employees and wants to share their talent and expertise across groups.

  • Naspers performs. Employees push for performance because growth is good for their career,  skills, experience, and Naspers as well.

  • Employees matter, so the company creates a flexible and happy environment to help them perform at their best. They are cared for, their opinions are listened to, and they are supported.


4. FirstRand

FirstRand Page

“...Commits to building a future of SHARED PROSPERITY through enriching the lives of its customers, employees and the societies it serves. 


The Company:

FirstRand is a portfolio of integrated financial services businesses and offers a universal set of transactional, lending, investments, and insurance products and services.


The FirstRand Career Page:

FirstRand Career Page

FirstRand’s career page shows that it is a company that recognizes and values people as the true backbone of every great business. They believe that people are its “most important resource and seek to attract, develop, and retain the best industry talent”.


FirstRand has “a unique philosophy that is anchored to the belief that empowering people to be accountable has contributed to the group’s success.”  This belief “generates an entrepreneurial mindset, drives innovation, and liberates talent”.


5. Sasol

Sasol Page

“Aiming to be Catalysts for change”


The Company:

Sasol is an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of its 31 270 employees working in 32 countries. 


They develop and commercialise technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product streams, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity.


The Sasol Career Page:

Sasol Career Page

Sasol puts its best foot as being the perfect company for job seekers to take their career to the next level whether they are seeking to learn, are students, graduates or experienced professionals.


Learnerships are learning programmes that require on the job learning supported by structured or institutional learning.


The Students Sasol Bursary Programme opportunity is a talent-based programme where applicants who meet the eligibility criteria may be invited to a selection interview by the company. 


The programme comprises of a comprehensive package that covers both financial as well as developmental support throughout the study period. 


The Sasol Graduates initiative, gives the candidates a look into how their business works, coaching them to acquire the skills they’ll need to work at Sasol while challenging and stretching them constantly. The graduates also have the option to go directly into business, if they don’t wish to attend university.


For experienced hires the opportunity to make a purposeful career surrounded by development opportunities and benefits, and work in an environment that is diverse and inclusive stands.


6. Absa

Absa Page

“... Bringing possibilities to life…”


The Company:

Absa is an African based financial services group that offers personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance


The Absa Career Page:

Absa Career Page


Absa’s Career page first prides itself as being the best company for ambitious and driven job seekers to kick start or continue their career. A truly highly diverse company that employs people from diverse backgrounds and cater to people of different professions.


The company rightly pitches itself to the candidate, while telling them to join it because they (in their own words) have an inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial, innovative culture, with a deep sense of ownership and a shared purpose and identity, and they are the best environment and opportunities for top talent to thrive.


Be sure to check out the Absa career page to find out why it is Absalutely (Absolutely) amongst the best ones.


7. Nedbank

NedBank Page

“...a beacon for client innovation, diversity, financial expertise and positive change”.


The Company:

Nedbank is one of the largest financial services groups in Africa offering wholesale and retail banking services, insurance, asset, and wealth management solutions.


The Nedbank Career Page:

Nedbank Career Page

Nedbank is interested in hiring extraordinary people who have the desire to better themselves, as well as South Africa.


To their esteemed talents, the company offers resources such as the Graduate Development Programme, the Nedbank Bursary Fund which is to fund young people who have potential, and the CA Training Programme for Chartered Accountants initiated to develop and train them and establish them in environments that offer them the freedom and opportunities to create a successful future.


8. Shoprite Holdings

Shoprite Holdings Page

“... We serve local communities with the lowest price promise.’’


The Company:

Shoprite Holdings is the largest supermarket retailer on the African Continent. A business of over 147000 employees, thousands of stores and a network of distribution centres across countries.


Shoprite Holdings Career Page:

Shoprite Holdings Career Page

Shoprite presents to job seekers, that they value their employees, they understand that employees are the key to any great company’s success, including theirs. They focus on not just attracting, but also on developing and retaining a loyal and committed workforce.


This what the first paragraph of their career page literally reads.


Shoprite provides a wide range of opportunities to employees to either work at their offices, stores, and other resources like Bursary and Graduate Programmes as well. 


9. Sanlam

Sanlam Page

“...we believe actions can add even more meaning to our names”.


The Company:

Sanlam is a South African life insurance company. 


The Sanlam Career Page:

Sanlam Career Page

Working at Sanlam must make you feel like you are serving a greater purpose by being at work every day.


How else do you explain this statement lifted from their career page




Working at Sanlam goes beyond merely a day job. It encompasses an ethos and culture, a way of doing business. We call it the Sanlam Way. The Wealthsmiths™ way”.


Sanlam respects how much employees work for their money and they strive to make sure that workers get their money’s worth of experience. At Sanlam, aspiring Wealthsmiths get to work closely with interesting, passionate people, and get the chance to be part of challenging projects in multicultural, challenging environments.


This life insurance company like no other betters their employees lives by not just offering career opportunities, but rewarding with other benefits like Employee Value Proposition and Actuarial bursaries as well.


10. Old Mutual

Old Mutual Page

“What is happening in your life? How can we help?”


The Company:

Old Mutual provides investment, savings, life assurance, asset management, banking and property and personal insurance solutions in Africa. 


The Old Mutual Career Page:

Old Mutual Career Page

Amongst other important things, the Old Mutual’s career page clearly answers one question most job seekers have. 


“Why should I work for this company?”  “How does this company benefit my career?” Okay, maybe it does answer two questions.


You’ll find that Old Mutual clearly answers by saying that the job seekers would want to be part of a brand that is “vibrant and rich as the broader South African community by developing the myriad talents of both existing and prospective employees”. 


They further state that the candidate in question will find the means and opportunity to unleash their greatness, that they value teamwork, integrity, respect, accountability, transparency, and pushing beyond boundaries.


Speaking of transparency, did we mention that 90% of job applicants agree that it is important to work for a company that is transparent (Source)?


Kindly note that Old Mutual isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the benefits they offer their employees. They are giving health, annual leave, maternity benefits, employee wellbeing, and study well-being.



Job applicants aren’t the only ones who have to make extra efforts in other to prove that they are worth hiring. Companies should meet them in the middle by going the extra mile as well with their career pages.


If you want to hire the best talents in the industry, you have to show through your career page, that you are worth having that type of talent in your possession as well. We suggest that you check out these pages mentioned and pick one or two things from them to see how you can make yours better.


Before you go, below are some quick tips on how to create your perfect career page:


1.  Optimize Your Career Page:

Candidates usually search for:

  • [Name of company] Careers

  • [Name of company] jobs


These are the 2 most common branded searches for companies on Google. So, You would want to make sure that yours appears in the first three. And this page should attract and engage.


2. Must-Have Ideas:

  • Hero Media-  A good landing page needs a video that paints a hero picture of the company. It should show that you are really making a difference in the world.

  • An engaging headline and copy- Important

  • Company colour scheme and design- Your branding should be clear

  • Clear link or text box for searching jobs-  The call to action should be obvious ( search for jobs buttons or watch a video about working with you)


3. Great Ideas:

  • Benefits

  • An employee of the year awards

  • Employee content

  • Company diversity/ demographic charts

  • Number of employees/ customers/ outlets

  • Talent community

  • Office location content

  • Department content- hiring priority/ requirements of one of your departments

  • Social media hashtags/ feeds

  • Meal/ food information

  • Timelines 


Don't forget to read our: 2019 Hiring Statistics to gain an insight as to what job applicants and employees love about a company.


Good luck with creating your company career page. 

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This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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