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Administrator Job Description

Updated on Oct 23, 2020 5167 views
Administrator Job Description

Ever wondered how workplaces with multiple units and subdivisions are kept organized? Well, that’s because they most likely employ the services of an administrator. An administrator is a person in charge of an organization’s operation. It is their primary duty to ensure the smooth running of an organization.

An Administrator offers office and managerial help to either a group or person. This job is crucial for the smooth running of a business. Obligations may incorporate handling calls, accepting and coordinating guests, word preparation, making spreadsheets and introductions, and recording. Also, Administrators are regularly required to perform specific roles and supervise junior staff.

In essence, administrators are the guardians of the workplace. They ensure that the office is suitable for the performance of duties and meeting the goals of the company.

As a result of this, the duties of an administrator vary. Here is a list of some of them below:

Duties of an Administrator 

  • Create events timetable and book meetings 
  • Request office writing material and supplies 
  • Keep up internal  information bases 
  • Submit cost reports 
  • Keep company records (physical and computerized)
  • Keep up a documenting framework for information on clients and partner 
  • Draft and send mails
  • Get ready  reports and presentations
  • Sort out, store and print organization reports varying 
  • Replying and diverting calls.
  • Making  travel and accommodation plans for employees.
  • Handling questions from employees.
  • Ensuring that the company is presentable and well-arranged at all times.

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Skills Required to be an Administrator 

In addition to the transferable skills that are important for you to have irrespective of your specialties and/or the roles you are applying for. For the role of an administrator, however, the following skills would increase your chances of being selected.

  1. Communication skills

This is perhaps the most important skill required to be an office administrator. This is on the grounds that as an administrator you’ll be the bridge between the business and the clientele/outside world.  Likewise, you’ll be required to complete administrative undertakings that include making and receiving phone calls, composing emails and other written communication. 

  1. Research skills

A huge bunch of your work as an administrator is to make researches on topics that are relevant to your company. As an administrator, you should have an eye for research, thorough investigation and data analysis so as to put together reports and gather research materials for the other employees of the company. You have to be good with documentation, have an eye for details and be timely to function effectively as administrator.

  1. Customer Service skills 

This is yet another skill that is made essential due to the one-on-contact you would have with customers. An amazing customer support system and a direction towards such characteristics is essential for progress as an organization administrator. You will need to be confident, but warm and welcoming to function well as an administrator.

  1. Self-motivation 

The role of an administrator is no easy one. It’s stressful and can be borderline exhausting at times. Not to add that the you’ll be barely guided by managers to observe and put you through everything. Notwithstanding, any loss of drive or inspiration will be promptly noticeable to them regarding the nature of their output as it would be conspicuous.

  1. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping is another important skill you should possess as an administrator. Since records are kept in virtually all businesses, there’ll no escaping this. Generally, broad knowledge of accounting is top of the list of recruiters when hiring administrators.

Thankfully, since most workplaces are now computerized, you won’t have to do it by hand. There are a few  PC applications that can be utilized to oversee monetary exchanges, including Quicken, Excel, and Turbo Tax.

  1. Flexibility 

As descriptive as we can be of the job description of an administrator, it is best experienced. The roles vary from place-to-place and even within the same organization, your roles aren’t fixed.

As an administrator you’ll rarely has two similar days. Granted, there’s a duty  framework  scheduled within typical business hours. However, there may be occasions where working outside of the conventional schedule will be required. You should prepare for this.

Requirements for the role of an Administrator 

Office administrators typically hold a secondary school certificate or higher, with a degree or certificate in secretarial studies being an added advantage. Tertiary education isn’t needed to perform standard occupation obligations.


The average salary of an office administrator in South Africa is R126,906.

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