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Career Growth Vs Career Development

Updated on May 21, 2020 229 views
Career Growth Vs Career Development

How much have you grown since you chose your career path? How well have you developed in your career?

Although these two terms might sound similar and appear to be the same thing, career growth and career development are two completely different concepts. However, a combination of both is important for your career advancement plan.

This article explains what career development and career growth is, how they affect your career, what influences them, and how to achieve both.


What Is Career Growth?

Career growth is the gradual process of moving up the corporate ladder, from a low designation to a higher one over a period of time. When you've achieved career growth, you not only move up the office hierarchy, but your responsibilities also become greater, and your job title changes as well.

Example: sales representative to sales manager.


Factors Influencing Career Growth

1. Experience

A smart professional knows that gaining experience and enhancing themselves doesn't end after they've gotten the job.

They keep stepping up in their career to make themselves more promotable. When you've shown dedication, put in the work, acquired the necessary skills and proven to your employer that your expertise has indeed benefitted the firm, then you can be promoted.

2. Good Performance

Spending 10 years or more as a project manager or any other field, doesn't automatically place you in a position to grow in your career.

A proven success track record in executing several projects, managing tasks efficiently, and providing tangible evidence in how your input is valuable to the company is what paves way for career growth.

3. Leadership / Management Skills

A higher position means that you'll be a supervisor to other employees and will head your own team. 

If you lack leadership skills and the charisma necessary to convince your colleagues to follow you, then you may not be ready to take on leadership roles in your company.

Additionally, you'll need to have constantly taken initiative when you were in a starting position and successfully headed group projects. Also, you'll need to know how to manage people, and assist them in maximizing their potentials.

4. People Skills

To lead, you need people to believe in you enough to follow you. They need to trust you and be attracted to your charisma.

Leaders have a magnetic attitude that endears people to them, it's this attitude that makes your boss have confidence that you can head your own team and collaborate with clients and partners from other companies.


Why Is Career Growth Important?

  • Career growth is a strong indicator of your career path in the corporate world.
  • Career growth comes with bigger responsibilities, and a bigger paycheck as well.
  • When you grow careerwise to a higher job level, you gain more respect from your co-workers.
  • Your customer trusts you more to handle their business, if you are advanced and experienced in your field.


What Is Career Development?

Career development is the process of managing learning, work, and transitions so as to move towards a determined and changing career future.

It is becoming more skilled and better at your field, without necessarily getting promoted. It is more dependent on self-improvement and enhancing your skills.

An example of career development is joining the company as a social media manager and becoming proficient in the use of social media management tools like Google analytics, and becoming conversant in graphic designing as well.


Factors Influencing Career Development

1. Job Title

A person tasked with the responsibility of handing a particular job role is more inclined to take steps towards developing themselves to fit into the role, because the growth and success of the company depends on their performance.

2. To Become Valuable In The Company

The job market is short not of talented candidates who are readily available to recruiters and companies. Given how scarce talent is, no company wants to lose a skilled and dedicated employee who is developing themselves to add value to the company.

3. To Earn A Higher Salary

Being well-versed in a field, puts you in the best position to earn a higher salary. It's no secret that experience and expertise are large determinants of earning a good pay.

4. Desire To Be Promoted

Career development leads to career growth. 

The more you develop your expertise  and acquire new skills, the more experience you gain in your field and the closer you become to being selected for a promotion. If you want a promotion well enough, you have to put in the work.


Why Is Career Development Important?

  • Possessing a certification in your field, instills trust in your clients. People are more inclined to do business with you, if you have proof that you are an expert.
  • Career development puts you in the best position for a promotion, and to take on more advanced roles.
  • Becoming developed, makes you an asset to your company, and when you're a valuable asset, your company will strive to keep you with them.


the difference and similarities between career growth and career development

Difference Between Career Growth And Career Development

Career Growth:

  • In career growth you advance up the corporate ladder.
  • Your career grows based on experience.
  • Your skills, personality, and work performance is what helps you grow in your field.


Career Development:

  • You develop yourself to fit into your job role and advance in your career.
  • Aims to make you valuable in your company and more promotable.
  • Is based on developing your skillset and acquiring more experience.


How To Attain Career Growth And Career Development

  1. Focus on enhancing your skills and acquiring more experience.
  2. Learn new trends in your industry and practice them in your work.
  3. Take initiative and volunteer to head a group project. Here is a list of NGO jobs or internship opportunities you can apply for
  4. Maintain a good relationship with your boss, colleagues, and clients as well.
  5. Back up your skills and experience with successfully executed projects to show as evidence when you want to ask for a promotion.


In your career, you should aim to achieve both growth and development. These two concepts inter lap with each other and are both necessary for your career advancement.


Career Growth vs Career Development FAQ:

1: What does career growth mean?

Career growth is the gradual process of moving up the corporate ladder, from a low designation to a higher one over a period of time

2: How can I improve my career development?

You can improve your career by improving your expertise, skills, gaining more experience in your field and industry.

3: Why is career growth important?

Career growth can incite a sense of security with a potential employee, knowing that in years to come they won't be stuck in a rut repeating the same old, same old



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Career Development vs Career Growth



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