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Best recruitment company in South Africa

Recruitment Company in South Africa

MyJobMag is a recruitment agency with an established network of best in class recruitment experts in South Africa. We offer recruitment services to a diverse range of clients in the private, public and not for profit sectors. From executive search to graduate recruitment, our job is simple: connecting great companies to great talents.

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Executive Search

We know how to identify passive candidates for your executive positions using some modern and traditional processes. We get you candidates that you cannot find normally on job boards.

  • Graduate Recruitment

    At this level, attitude and IQ is everything. We fish out fresh graduates that will make the best heads in your Organization.

  • Student Talent Hunt

    Recruitment is about branding. We organize school tours and get students involved in your activities. We get you great interns that will transit to great staff.

  • Blue collar hire

    We have lots of drivers, cleaners, fashion designers, security guards in our database. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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