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How to Get a Job in Standard Bank Careers

Updated on May 04, 2023 10465 views
How to Get a Job in Standard Bank Careers

Standard Bank is the largest bank in South Africa with offices across the country. With valued assets of about 170.9 billion U.S. dollars, there are always lots of job opportunities within the organisation. But how can you apply?

This article will guide you on the simple steps you can take to successfully apply for jobs in Standard Bank careers from the comfort of your home and land your dream job. 


Common Job Openings at Standard Bank Careers

Amongst the different job openings at Standard Bank Group, here are some of the most popular vacancies usually available. 

  • Internal Audit Manager 

  • Software Developer 

  • Operations Manager 

  • Risk Manager 

  • Cash Consultant 

Internal Audit Manager

An internal audit manager is a financial support team member who oversees audits conducted within a company for compliance. The audit manager ensures that the company follows standard auditing procedures and ensures practices align with best practices for financial risk management. 

Software Developer 

Software developers are experts who create and design programs that meet user needs and industry-related applications. At Standard Bank Group, software developers are always required to maintain the smooth running of all banking programs, as well as banking apps. 

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager is the individual responsible for the daily operations of a bank. With branches across the country and many more coming up, Standard Bank Group is always recruiting Operations Managers to enable the smooth running of its branches. 

Risk Manager

The role of a Risk Manager is to evaluate the potential risks of a business and strategize preventive measures against them. With the financial transactions that go in the Standard Bank Group, there is always a need for Risk Manager across the different branches. 

Cash Consultant 

A Cash Consultant takes ownership of every cash demand in the bank and provides the customer with an immediate response and also facilitates the completion of the customer demand.

Check out these job vacancies at Standard Bank Group to apply.


How to Apply for a Job at Standard Bank Careers

Apart from using job platforms, Standard Bank Group also advertises job openings on their website. 

Here are the simple steps to apply for a job at Standard Bank careers:

  • Go to the Standard Bank career website 

  • Log into your account/Sign up 

  • Browse Job Vacancies on the Site 

  • Send in your application 

Go to Standard Bank Career Website 

To get started with your job application in Standard Bank careers, visit their website to find the job vacancies available. 

Log into your account/Sign up

The next thing you would want to do is to log into your account if you have an already existing one. If not, you can sign up to create a new account on the site. Signing up is quick, easy and completely free. All you need to do is fill in your details correctly. 

Browse Job Vacancies on the Site 

When you have signed up, the next thing you can do is browse job vacancies on the site. Amazingly, you can search for job openings based on country, province, city or job sector. You can also use keywords to find job vacancies on the site. 

Send in Your Application

When you have found the right job opening for you, then you can add it to your job cart and easily apply. Follow the prompts and instructions and then send in your application. 

With these simple steps, you can easily apply for and get a job at Standard Bank careers.

Also note: Standard Bank will never ask you for money during the recruitment process. If you ever have this experience, you can reach out to their fraud line at 0800 222 050 or send a mail to [email protected]


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FAQs about Jobs in Standard Bank Careers

What is the average salary at Standard Bank Group?

Averagely, employees at Standard Bank Group can make up to R475 000 as salary and can also get as much as R49 000 yearly as a bonus. 

Is a cover letter necessary for my application?

A cover letter is not mandatory for your application but it is advisable because it gives the Hiring Manager a summary of who you are and your career journey. 

How long does Standard Bank's hiring process take?

The duration of the hiring process depends on the job role. However, it does not take more than four weeks of application for the hiring process to be completed. 

What is the role of a Universal Banker in Standard Bank?

A universal banker in Standard Bank is responsible for opening new accounts, assisting customers with transactions, reviewing documents for accuracy, and verifying the identity of account holders. He basically faces the customer as his responsibility. 

How much do Standard Bank tellers earn?

Tellars at Standard Bank Group earn between R64 000 to R220 000 annually depending on the qualification of the candidate. 

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