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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Job Hunting

  • The email alert I am checking is not containing the jobs I want. How do I update my details?

    If the email alerts you are getting are not relevant to your job search, you can either update your preference from your dashboard when logged in:

  • How do I know a recruiter has reviewed my application?

    Once a recruiter reviews your application and finds you suitable, they will definitely contact you and inform you of the next stage in the recruitment process. If you are not getting feedback from your job application, you may want to talk to a career coach.

  • Where can I see the most recent job in the site?

    There are two places you can see the most recent job on the website. You can see them either on the home page or using the jobs posted today link But you can also use the search filter to get a more customized result.

  • Why is it important that I keep my profile updated?

    Since MyJobMag is a recruitment agency, we sometimes pull talents whose profiles exist on our database. Keeping your profile updated means you do not miss out on potential opportunities

  • Why have I not received a response to my application?

    If you are applying for jobs and not getting a response, you may want to make sure that you are applying for the right job.

  • How can I search for jobs on MyJobMag?

    Searching for jobs on MyJobMag is simple. Use our search bar to search either by keyword, company, job field, or title. We also have customized filters to guide you when using the search functionality.

  • How many jobs can I apply for in a month on MyJobMag?

    As many as you find suitable, even though we advise that you ensure that you are qualified for a job before applying.

  • Can I apply for a job on MyJobMag if I do not have an account?

    Yes, as not all jobs on MyJobMag require that you have an account before you see the application details. However, setting up a profile on MyJobMag gives you more privilege than if you do not have an account.

  • What are scam jobs and how do I protect myself from it?

    MyJobMag scam job rate is less than 0.4% and we take pride in this. This is why our platform is the preferred destination for job seekers and employers. However, we still need you to be able to know when a job is a scam. Check out any of these articles  on how to identify scam jobs online

  • Do you apply/search for jobs on behalf of candidates?

    No, we do not search and apply for jobs for candidates/applicants. We provide you with daily job information, resources and tools to make your job search a success; however, we expect you to apply for jobs yourself when you see a suitable opening. 

Resume Writing

  • What does it mean to use a professional CV writer?

    A professional CV writer is an in-depth consultant that can help you identify the key achievements and skills you need to put on your CV, while helping you pinpoint what makes you stand out from other candidates

  • Do you help me to submit my CV after writing?

    No, we do not help with submitting CVs after writing them. We advise you to check our job listing and if you see a vacancy that matches your interest, you can apply directly to the company.

  • Do you guarantee that I will get a job after working on my CV?

    No, our CV writing does not have an express guarantee that you will get a job. However, for most people we have helped rewrite their CV, we can authoritatively say that it has increased their chances of getting called for job interviews.

  • Why should I use your resume writing services?

    Our resume writing services are written by experts who have experience in different fields. They are also SHRM certified.

  • Why should I rewrite my CV using a professional CV writer?

    If you noticed that you are not getting called for job interviews after submitting your CV or if you have not updated your CV in more than a year, then, It might be time to take a look at rewriting your CV using a professional CV writer.

  • How do I request a CV rewrite?

    You can request a CV rewrite by following this link and then selecting the service(s) you are interested in

  • How much does professional CV writing cost?

    Our CV writing service fee depends on your level of experience and if you are adding extra services. Check out the CV writing service cost here

  • Do you offer free CV reviews?

    No, we don’t offer free CV reviews. However, you can use our CV builder to create a CV template.

  • How do I collaborate with the CV writer?

    Once you submit your request, our CV writer will get in touch with you using the contact information you submitted. Afterwards, you can communicate with the writer via the same phone number.

  • How many revisions of my CV do I get?

    The number of revisions you get is based on our time frame. Immediately the first draft is done, it will be shared with you for your feedback. You are free to request reviews within the project timeframe of 5 working days.

  • How do I pay for CV writing services?

    Payment for CV writing service is easy. You can pay online or directly at the bank. Once you make a payment, please send an email informing us and also don’t forget to include your current CV together with any other information you think we should know

  • In what formats do I get my CV?

    Your CV will be delivered to you in PDF and Microsoft Word

  • Do you send the hard copy of CV to my physical address?

    No, we do not send a hard copy of CV. However, if you want us to deliver the hard copy to you, then you will need to make a special request for that. This comes at an additional cost.

  • Do I need to come to your office to meet my resume writer?

    No, you do not need to come physically to the office to meet your resume writer. All correspondence can be done online or through your preferred means of communication

  • My question is not on your list. How do I contact you if I still have a question that have not been answered here

    We are sorry we have not answered your question. Do you mind submitting it through this form?

Job Posting

  • I want to post a job, what is the difference between free job posting and paid job posting?

    The free job posting enables you advertise your jobs and have candidates send you CVs to your email. If you are looking for more visibility and reach, then the free job posting is not the plan for you. Featured job posting gives you more visibility and reach. It allows you better organize your applications and not clog your inbox

  • How long does my advert stay on MyJobMag

    We do not delete ads from our website. We only mark them as filled and hide the application details

  • How do I update my company details?

    To update your company details, you will need to login to your employer account and update your company details from the dashboard. Please note that you cannot change your company name after registration. If you want to change this, you may need to talk to one of our representatives.

  • What is the difference between featured job posting and regular job posting?

    The featured job posting offers a lot of advantages over the regular job posting. You get a first-page listing, can hide your email address, and receive applications in your dashboard so you can easily sort them.

  • Is it possible for me to change the name on the job ad after it has been posted?

    No, you can’t change the name on the job listing after it has been approved and posted.

  • Why can't I find my job ads on the website?

    If you have submitted your job ads and you can’t find it on the website, you may want to contact our customer care service to be sure your job has been approved and posted.

  • What are the steps for creating job ads on the MyJobMag?

    Creating a job ad on MyJobMag is simple. Kindly follow the steps outlined in this article If you prefer, you can use our chat and let one of our agents walk you through the process.

  • How can I prevent my company name from showing on the job ad I posted?

    If you don’t want your company name to show in the job listing, then you will need to upgrade your job posting from free job listing to paid job listing using this link

  • I just paid for my job ads posting and my ad is not showing.

    Please allow for 6 hours on weekdays for paid jobs and 24 hours for free jobs on weekdays. If after this timeframe your job ads are still not showing, you may contact us to know why.

  • I am interested in posting a job. How do I start?

    To start posting your job ads on MyJobMag, you will need to create an employer account. Once your account is approved, you can start posting your job vacancies immediately.

  • I have gotten the candidate I want but my job ad is still running. What should I do?

    Once you have enough talent pool for your job ads, you can set the job as expired by changing the date. Please note that this does not remove the job from our platform. Also, note that a job that has been set as expired cannot be reactivated.

  • How do I attract the most suitable candidates?

    Attracting the right candidate starts from knowing exactly the type of talent you need and creating a great job ads. You can use some of our job description templates  to guide you.

  • Where should I check for responses to my job advertisement?

    Where you get responses to your job advertisement will depend on the type of job posting package you paid for and your selections while posting the advert. If you are using the featured job posting, you get a dashboard that enables you to manage all your job applications in one place.

  • How do I prevent irrelevant resumes from landing in my inbox?

    Start by crafting a good job description. Learn how to write effective job description here

  • How long does it take for my job to be live on MyJobMag?

    6 hours on weekdays for paid jobs and 24 hours for free jobs on weekdays.

  • My question is not listed here, what do I do?

    Contact us, we are here to help you out.

  • Can I post Tender, RFQ, RFP on MyJobMag?

    Yes, you can. However, you cannot post Tenders, RFQ and RFP as free adverts. Use our featured posting for this kind of advert:


  • What type of staffing solutions do you offer?

    We offer a variety of staffing solutions for companies including Executive Search, Graduate Recruitment, Student Talent Hunt, and Blue Collar Hire.

  • Which industries do you recruit for?

    We recruit across industries and boundaries. This is because we have a team of recruiters who are specialists in different industries and niches.

  • Is your agency an equal opportunity employer?

    Yes, we don’t discriminate based on age, race, or gender.

  • Do you provide permanent or temporary placements?

    We help businesses to recruit both permanent and temporary staff.

  • As a company why should I use your recruitment company to find talent?

    We have a recruitment team that will guide you and help you during the whole process. With us, your recruitment needs become better defined. The process is completely tailored to build the team that will make your company thrive.

  • Can your agency help me hire expatriates?

    Yes, we help businesses and companies hire expatriates. You can place your request here and a consultant will get in touch with you:

  • How do I start if I want your agency to recruit talents for my company?

    Awesome. We are glad that you have chosen to work with us as your recruitment partner. Please go here to submit your request and a consultant will contact you

Account Management

  • I want more than job posting. What else do you provide?

    We also provide recruitment, shortlisting and outsourcing services. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements

  • How do I register on MyJobMag?

    Registration on MyJobMag is simple and straightforward. If you are a job seeker, then you should use this link to register a job seeker account If however you are an employer or a company, then register your account here

  • What should I do if I cannot log in into my account?

    If you are having difficulty signing into your account and you cannot reset your password, then you might want to contact our team so we can help you troubleshoot:

  • I forgot my password. What do I do?

    Use the password forget link to reset your account. You will get a notification in your registered email giving you more instruction on how to reset your account. If you do not have an account, you may want to register an account first.

  • How does MyJobMag use my personal information and contact details?

    MyJobMag only uses your personal information for the purpose it is intended for. Check our privacy and policy statement to learn more about how we store and use your account information.

  • How can I update my profile?

    To update your profile, simply login to your account and use edit your details from the dashboard.

  • Is MyJobMag free to use?

    Yes, MyJobMag is free to use for everyone including job seekers, companies and recruiters


  • Do we charge candidates a fee to place them in Organizations?

    No, we do not charge candidates for placement. Candidates only pay when they use our CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Writing Service. We, however, charge employers for recruiting for them

  • Does the money in my wallet expire?

    No, it does not

  • Which payment method is supported?

    You can pay via bank transfer, debit or credit card, mobile money or GooglePay. To make payment choose either Pay as you Go or Monthly Subscription.

  • How does "Pay as you Go" work?

    The pay-as-you-Go plan is suitable for employers or recruiters that recruit sparingly. Like your airtime, you fund your wallet with any amount, and the job post fee is deducted each time you post. The funds in your wallet do not expire. You can use it anytime.

  • How does the Monthly Subscription work?

    The monthly subscription plan allows you to post unlimited jobs within the period. There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post during the period paid for. The monthly subscription is an extremely affordable plan for companies of all sizes.

  • I have some money in my "Pay-as-you-Go" wallet, can I convert to a Monthly subscription?

    No, you cannot. Our system handles them separately. For example, if you have 15,000 in your wallet and you want to switch to our monthly subscription, you will have to pay the full amount for the monthly subscription. During the period you subscribed for, your wallet balance will not be used while you post. When your monthly subscription expires, you’ll still have the balance of 15,000 to post jobs with anytime.

  • Is there a limit or restriction to any of the plans?

    No, you have full access to all the features on MyJobMag with any plan you choose. You get maximum visibility, set screening questions, and filter with our dashboard.

  • How long will my job be published?

    All jobs stay live for three months. You can set an earlier date based on your recruitment plan.

Candidate Search

  • How many candidates do I need to view to hire?

    We cannot say categorically as roles differ. However, we recommend you contact a minimum of 10 suitable candidates.

  • What exactly am I paying for?

    Our candidate search is free to use at this time. You can search, view and message candidates on MyJobMag at no cost to you. You only pay if you want to view candidate's phone number and email.

  • Do I pay another fee when I hire?

    No, you do not pay an extra fee. MyJobMag is fully powering this service at no cost to you.

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