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Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg

Updated on Jun 10, 2020 7008 views
Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg

Are you thinking about moving to Johannesburg for a Job? Did you know that it is one of the highest paying cities in South Africa? 

What job do you want to do in Joburg, how much salary do you think you'd earn from it, while working there?

Recently, we did  some research as to what the highest paying jobs in Johannesburg were. After our research, we compiled a list of the yearly salary earned by professionals working these jobs to help you gain some insight on how much to expect from your dream job.

After an intensive session of scouring the internet for information and with the help of some top salary websites like, we were able to find out:

  • Which 50 jobs were the highest paying jobs in Johannesburg. 

  • Neurosurgeons are the highest paid professionals in Joburg.

Before we proceed to the salary breakdown of all the high paying jobs we found, here is a quick look at the 10 highest paying jobs in Johannesburg:


10 Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg

  1. Neurosurgeon

  2. Chief Executive Officers

  3. Director

  4. Anesthesiologist

  5. Finance Accounting Executive

  6. Chief Financial Officers

  7. Orthodontists

  8. Chief Human Resources Officer

  9. Chief Investment Officer

  10. Chief International Sales Executive 

Neurosurgeon ranked number 1 on the list of the 10 highest paying jobs in Johannesburg and is also currently the highest paying job in Joburg, out of the 50 jobs

10 Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg


How Did We Determine The Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg?

We wanted to make sure that you got  accurate information on how much each job mentioned on our list earned yearly, so we used the latest financial data which was released on May, 2020 to calculate the salaries.

All the salaries mentioned for the  jobs are recent and is what is currently being paid to the professionals on our list. However, keep in mind that the salaries are subject to change and differ for other South African cities.


Extra: For further reading, you can also check out our list of 15 highest paying jobs in South Africa.


A Detailed Breakdown Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Johannesburg

Rank Job Title Avg. Salary Per Year Ent. Lvl. Salary Sen. Lvl. Salary
1 Neurosurgeon R4,247,213 R2,571,200 R6,746,134
2 Chief Executive Officers R4,045,267 R2,478,001 R6,865,349
3 Director R3,228,146     R2,023,831     R5,303,033
4 Anesthesiologist     R3,122,389     R2,060,050 R4,305,922
5 Finance Accounting Executive     R2,731,629 R1,734,971 R4,408,901
6 Chief Financial Officers  R2,730,436 R1,734,213 R4,406,976
7 Orthodontists  R2,300,517 R1,553,213 R3,047,415
8 Chief Human Resources Officer  R2,169,914  R1,389,335      R3,471,111 
9 Chief Investment Officer  R2,113,784 R1,468,348  R2,661,246 
10 Chief International Sales Executive  R2,085,272    R1,339,420     R3,325,015 
11 General Practitioner R1,964,854 R1,338,684 R2,564,468
12 Chief Research And Development Executive R1,853,425 R1,272,275 R2,354,375
13 Chief Corporate Audit Officer R1,685,146 R1,685,146 R2,671,443
14 Corporate Relations Director R1,498,687 R1,039,531 R1,886,841
15 IT Programming Director R1,370,445 R949,173 R1,726,792
16 Petroleum Engineer R1,290,800 R897,984 R1,622,463
17 Marketing Director R1,235,912 R862,336 R1,552,204
18 Market Research Director R2,300,517 R679,291 R1,594,306
19 Plant Manager R1,218,673 R849,057 R1,531,804
20 Manager Electrical Engineer R1,215,804 R847,058 R1,528,197
21 Lawyer R1,207,112 R838,525 R1,518,510
22 Financial Systems Manager R1,100,013 R772,029 R1,379,269
23 Financial Manager R1,071,534 R779,535 R1,401,103
24 College Professors R993,343 R697,164 R1,245,519
25 Project Manager R973,772 R704,411 R1,211,987
26 Director Legal Services R928,002 R643,688 R1,168,351
27 Operations Manager R908,422 R640,360 R1,138,107
28 Software Engineer R888,732 R627,392 R3,471,111
29 Program Director R880,062 R624,884  R1,100,771
30 Software Developer R877,816 R618,786 R1,099,764
31 Management Consultant R856,359 R606,296 R1,072,002
32 Sales Director R849,729 R465,588 R1,097,706
33 Judges R839,611 R593,577 R1,051,037
34 Division Manager R828,466 R556,795 R1,302,306
35 Bank Manager R804,695 R571,370 R1,006,503
36 Industrial Engineer R801,952 R568,599   R1,003,894
37 Actuary R732,793 R514,301 R918,824 
38 Inventory Manager R672,397 R480,882 R839,646 
39 Sales Manager R672,397 R382,911         R862,414 
40 Business Architect R601,663 R426,590 R753,170
41 IT Manager R550,581 R688,360 R1,072,002
42 Chartered Accountant R510,066 R363,740   R637,461
43 Accountant R471,903 R340,399 R587,830
44 Secretary To CEO R427,060 R306,737 R532,408
45 Chief Mechanical Engineer R438,645 R324,510    R540,550
46 Pilot R352,542 R436,253   R1,003,894
47 Corporate Executive R389,799 R283,974 R483,957 
48 Air Traffic Controller R339,475 R237,211 R426,353
49 Sales Manager R672,397 R382,911         R862,414 
50 Business Architect R601,663 R426,590 R753,170
51 IT Manager R550,581 R688,360 R1,072,002


Final Note:

Before you consider moving to Johannesburg to try snagging any of the above mentioned lucrative jobs,  you can read all you need to know about working in the acclaimed financial capital of South Africa.  Ready to take your job hunting to the next level? Check out a list of the top job vacancies posted in Johannesburg today

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