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How to Write CV Objective - 37 CV Objective Examples Included

Updated on Apr 27, 2023 6736 views
How to Write CV Objective - 37 CV Objective Examples Included

Having a compelling CV will mean you take the time to craft every section of your CV correctly. Without this, any applicant will risk missing out on his dream job. Your CV objective, also called your career objective, is one of the sections of your CV that you must be deliberate about to have a winning CV. 

As you read this article, here are things you’d see and learn for yourself:

  • What a CV Objective is. 

  • Why a CV Objective is important in a CV. 

  • Tips and Guidelines to Write a Great CV Objective.

  • Samples of CV Objectives by job level and industry. 


What is a CV Objective?

A CV objective is a professional summary of your skills, competencies and experiences which positions you as the right person for the job you are applying for. Usually situated at the top of your CV, it is made up of 2 or 3 concise sentences that enable you to communicate your value to the hiring manager. 

Ideally, an applicant has only about 6 seconds for the recruiter to read through his CV to convince him that he is the right person for the job. Also, with the increased use of applicant tracking systems by recruiters, a job seeker must strive to impress the recruiter at first glance, and it begins with the CV Objectives. 

So, when writing a career objective, think of it as a written elevator pitch. This would help you tailor your CV effectively to highlight the most important details and get the employer’s attention. 


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Why is a CV Objective important?

Some persons have argued the importance of a career objective in a CV. A CV objective is important for a lot of reasons, but here are some of the most important reasons: 

  • It gives you an opportunity to pitch yourself to a recruiter.

  • It gives the recruiter a brief insight into the value you can bring if hired.

  • If written properly, it piques the recruiter’s interest immediately to continue reading through your CV completely. 

  • With relevant keywords, it contributes to your CV being parsed effectively if an applicant tracking system is being used.

Knowing these, it is necessary that a career objective is not just added to your CV, but also well crafted with intentionality. 


Tips to Write CV Objectives

The career objectives for your CV should not be a one-size-fits-all section. You would consider this because the demands of companies vary and you’d like to craft this section in a way that would grab the reader’s attention. Here are some tips you must keep in mind to write a great CV objective. 

Focus on Your Unique Abilities and Achievements 

When writing your CV objective, focus on what makes you stand out as a candidate, and this would include your unique abilities and achievements. Do not just talk about how long you’ve done what you do, also ensure to shed light on your achievements that no one else has. 

Be Concise With It 

Your objective should be direct and straight to the point. Avoid going around in circles about your professional experiences. Be as concise as possible so you do not bore the recruiter with your CV. The shorter the better. 

Mention Relevant Requirements 

Every job opening comes with a set of requirements. While crafting your objective, it is a wise step to include those requirements. These requirements help you stay on top as the best-suited candidate for the job when the recruiter goes through your CV. 

Explain Your Value

Beyond your skills and competencies, recruiters are looking for value. You should be able to communicate clearly the value you will be adding to the organization if you are hired. With this, you increase your chances of being hired by the recruiter. 

Include Important Keywords

Some recruiters use tracking systems to manage their job openings. With the right keywords, your CV can be parsed accurately by the tracking system to get it to the human that will go through it. These keywords are usually found in job openings. Words like, “SEO expert,” “Skilled in Canva,” or “Experienced in using JavaScript” added in the openings are some of the words you can include in your objective to get your CV to the recruiter. 

Avoid First-person Pronouns 

While writing your objectives, avoid first-person pronouns. Using “I” on your objective makes it about you. It is more about the company and how you fit in. With first-person pronouns, you focus the attention on yourself.


Samples of CV Objectives.

Here are some CV objective samples that could guide you to craft yours. 

High School CV Objective

“Hard-working, responsible high school student looking to contribute a positive and collaborative attitude in the retail field. A math-oriented individual with good attention to detail. Reliable with deadlines and dedicated to following instructions.” 

Undergraduate CV Objective

“First-class chemistry student with an excellent academic track record, seeking a job as a lab assistant at First Labs to support research scientists and explore the possibility of pursuing a research career.”

Fresh Graduate CV Objective

“Seeking entry-level employment opportunities in a marketing organization that offers a stimulating learning environment for developing and putting into practice new ideas for company development. Skilled in digital marketing and has a bachelor's degree in Marketing.” 

Internship CV Objective

“Passionate Bachelor of Social Work and Political Science seeking to have first-hand experience in improving existing social legal frameworks. Graduated among the top 5 of my class in the Bachelor of Social Work and have a 2-year volunteer experience as a social worker.” 


CV Objective Examples by Job Roles

Here are CV objective examples for different job roles and at different levels. 

  • Sales Personnel

  • Markerter 

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Software Engineer

  • Nurse

  • Teacher 

  • HR Executive 

  • Product Manager 

  • Project Manager 

  • Accountant 

  • Supply Chain Manager


Sales Personnel CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

Highly motivated and driven sales graduate with a brilliant academic record seeking a sales position at XYZ company. Strong organisational skills, high energy level, and persuasive acumen.

Sales professional with 4+ years experience in lead generation and lead qualification, proven customer service, and communication skills to effectively fill the Sales Associate role in your company.

A collaborative and result-oriented sales personnel with 7+ years of experience and an ability to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales. Seeking an opportunity to work with XYZ company as a Business Development and Sales Executive.


Marketer CV Objective Example



Senior Level

A dedicated Dean’s List achiever aspiring to secure an entry-level marketing position. Motivated to gain practical marketing experience at a top-level advertisement agency, with proven work as an intern by creating a viral post on Instagram, reaching over 2000 likes.

A resourceful marketer with a proven track record in implementing successful marketing strategies, boosting organic traffic, and improving search rankings seeking a position as a Marketing Associate to maximize brand awareness and revenue through integrated marketing communications.

With an MBA with specialization in online marketing, working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, and 8 years of experience in developing and managing marketing campaigns seek the role of a Marketing Manager to provide thought leadership and implement best practices for digital marketing.


Customer Service Representative CV Objective Example



Senior Level

Diligent customer service representative with knowledge of service delivery and proven multitasking abilities. Committed to maintaining professional relationships to increase profitability and drive business growth. 

Organized and dependable customer service personnel with a positive attitude. With 6+ years of experience and excellent interpersonal skills, dedicated to bringing in my oral and written communication skills as well as active listening and analytical skills to build customer loyalty. 

Result-focused professional with strength in customer management. Worked professionally and diligently with customers across Fortune 500 companies to smaller production companies in my 12 years of customer service. 


Software Engineer CV Objective Example



Senior Level

An excellent academic record, ability to understand and test software, working knowledge of Azure, and a strong understanding of core internet technologies. Seeking to work as a System Engineer to further my knowledge in the IT domain and utilize my skills.

IT Technology Manager with several years of experience and a strong grasp of Cloud Computing SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS fundamentals and experience in designing and implementing solutions is looking for a similar role and position in a progressive organization.

Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience developing and maintaining software solutions, seeking leverage expertise in object-orienting programming, design and system architecture to contribute to a cutting-edge technology company.


Nurse CV Objective Example



Senior Level

Fresh nurse graduate seeking a position in public health at a reputable hospital or health facility where utilization of knowledge and skills can be utilized and expanded. Strong desire to provide quality nursing care to clients in the public health setting.

Certified Emergency Registered Nurse with 4 years of experience in emergency nursing seeking a full-time position. Desires to work collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to provide high-quality care to patients in emergency or crisis situations to stabilize and prepare for a transition to appropriate services. Demonstrates excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. 

Highly qualified, enthusiastic RN with 12+ years of experience, desiring a senior-level position in a hospital where high standards of education, knowledge, and skills can be utilized. Clinical and administrative experience including floor nurse, charge nurse, and Assistant Director of Nursing. Dedicated to providing safe, efficient patient care that promotes positive outcomes and demonstrates ongoing support of the interdisciplinary team.


Teacher CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

Dedicated fresh graduate seeking an entry-level position. Enthusiastic about applying a passion for working with children that includes classroom experience through a completed internship and solid knowledge acquired from relevant courses. Committed to helping children reach their full potential by fostering a supportive learning environment.

Bilingual public school teacher with over 6 years of teaching experience at multiple grade levels. Ready to use my language expertise, cultural understanding, and proven teaching ability to help diverse students reach their academic goals. Earned a BA in Education with a minor in Spanish, a South African teaching license, and 15 Continuing Education credits.

English teacher with over 10 years of experience seeks the English coordinator position at Johannesburg High School. Extensive knowledge of the English curriculum and strong leadership allows me to develop classes to engage students and broaden their reading and writing skills. In this position, I aim to improve student outcomes by delivering enhanced content and encouraging diverse learning strategies.


HR Executive CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

A recent graduate in Human Resource Management, looking for an Entry Level Human Resource Administration position with XYZ Company to utilize high-level communication skills, leadership abilities, clerical skills, and knowledge of the domain

Seeking a responsible position in the HR department, sharing my 4 years of experience in end-to-end recruitment and sourcing, performance management and employee engagement framework, along with interpersonal skills and an ability to work across multiple stakeholders to further the growth of the company.

HR Executive with more than 20 years of professional working experience in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas and F&B. Strong knowledge and communications skill have led me within a depth of understanding and good knowledge in managing payroll and office administration.


Product Manager CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

Eager Product Manager seeking position developing new and innovative products for the telehealth industry. Team player with experience creating new products from a full lifecycle, from inception to execution, while creating award-winning teams and surpassing client expectations.

Conscientious and tenacious account manager with over six years of experience and a proven background in streamlining production processes, customer relationship management, and cost control strategies. Seeks a position to deploy product roadmap and leadership skills to generate strong buy-in and organize sales teams.

Highly qualified Senior Product Manager with 10 years of experience in the industry. Enjoy creative problem-solving and getting exposure to multiple projects, and would excel in the collaborative environment in which your company prides itself.


Project Manager CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

A highly skilled individual seeking a Project Manager position with ABC company that will enable the use of procedural knowledge and technical proficiency pertaining to project quality and execution.

Experienced project leader with a passion for creating work plans and project schedules. Possesses outstanding leadership skills and focused on improving processes for better productivity and revenue growth. Looking to coordinate business activities and have a positive impact on the well-being of all employees.

Resourceful Project Manager with 15 years of experience in application design, operational infrastructure, and staff and project supervision. Eager to leverage background to increase developmental performance and enhance revenues. Driven to create and implement strategic initiatives that sustain business growth. 


Accountant CV Objective Example 



Senior Level

Seeking an entry-level accountant position to utilize my accounting knowledge and skills to contribute to a reputable organization. Possess strong analytical problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently and as part of a team. 

Well-organized and hardworking Accountant with over 5 years of dedicated experience in financial audits, reconciling bank statements and ensuring financial records are accurate. Poised to adjust journal entries, create purchase requisitions, conduct billing, and reconcile ledger statements at ABY Company

Accounting professional with 10+ years of extensive experience conducting full financial statement audits, reviews and full disclosure compilations audits. Detail-oriented with exceptional communication skills and the ability to express ideas excellently. Capable of maintaining sound business relationships with clients and have been recognized for qualitative work and adapting to changes within a challenging business environment.


Supply Chain Manager CV Objective Example



Senior Level

Enthusiastic individual seeking an Entry Level Logistics Management position with XYZ Company that will enable me to utilize my problem-solving capabilities and time management skills, and comprehensive communication abilities.

Dedicated Supply Chain Analyst with extensive experience of 5 years in purchasing quality raw materials and making timely transportation arrangements. Strong emphasis on factors like Freight Optimization, Trade Compliance, and Cost Avoidance. Looking for a similar job role in a reputable organization.

Motivated and resourceful Supply Chain Specialist with over 10 years of expertise managing customs compliance, inventory control, customer service and transportation logistics. Meticulous team player dedicated to developing and implementing processes to reduce costs and increase revenue. 


With these samples, you can craft your own career objectives with little or no supervision. You can also use our free CV Builder or check out these best CV templates in 2023 to build your CV at no cost at all. 

Best of luck! 

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