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How to Send a CV via Email

Updated on Mar 13, 2023 7474 views
How to Send a CV via Email

How do you send a cv via email?

And most importantly what are the dos and don’ts of sending a cv via email so your CV does not end up in the junk file?

In a recent survey conducted by MyJobMag, we discovered that for every single job vacancy posted, there are about 250 applications.

This is why it is important to know how to send in your cv via email so your CV does not end up in the recruiter's junk inbox.


In this article, you will get to know 

  • How to send your CV via mail

  • The dos and don’ts of sending a CV via mail

  • The right time to send a CV via mail 

  • Samples of email cover letters for your use 


How to Send A CV via Email

To have a perfect email for your CV application, there are certain things you must do and include in your mail, and here is a list of them


Step 1: Have a Subject Line for your Mail

The first thing you want to do when sending your mail for an application is to have a subject line for the mail. Sometimes, this is usually well stated in the job opening, but even when it isn’t well stated, adding a subject line for your mail is very necessary. 

Also, a lot of people will use the job title as their subject line. This is completely okay, but if you want to stand out (especially when using the job title for submission isn’t specified on the opening), you can use something more striking, probably a requirement from the vacancy.  

So, instead of just having “Digital Marketer” as your subject line, you can have “Digital Marketer with 5 years experience” or “Early Child Teacher skilled in Virtual Teaching.”  


Step 2: Pay Attention to the Body of your Mail

After you’ve settled your subject line, the next thing will be the body of your mail. You want to keep this part as concise as possible. Long enough to include the necessary details you need but also short enough not to bore the reader. In addition, if the recruiter has asked for a copy of your Cover Letter and your CV, then you also want to be careful to not just repeat what you have in your CV and cover letter as a mail. However, if the recruiter has requested only your CV, then you will treat your mail as your cover letter. 

To have a good body, here is a list of things you must include 

  • The name of the Hiring Manager 

  • Who you are and why you are mailing them.

  • What you do and what value you can bring to the company 


Here’s a format you can adopt: 


“Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I have attached my resume and a cover letter for [the name of the position].

As a [your major success], with a proven record of [your measurable, quantified, relevant achievements], my goal is to leverage my skills and knowledge to help [the name of the employer] succeed with [the employer’s specific plans].”


So, written out, it can be,


“Dear Helen,

I am Mike, a skilled Digital Marketer with 4 years of experience. I am writing to you in response to your opening on MyJobMag for the role of a Digital Marketer. As a Digital Marketer with a proven record of successfully creating brand activations and awareness for over 20+ brands online, my goal is to leverage my skills and knowledge to help XYZ company succeed with the company’s specific plans. 

Please find attached my CV and cover letter.”


Step 3: Add a closing paragraph with a CTA

When you’re done with the main body of the mail, the next thing will be to include a closing to your mail. However, you don’t just add a closing. Your concluding paragraph should come with a CTA that will compel the recruiter to take a step towards contacting you. You will also be sure to include your full name, contact details and a signature to the closing, to keep it professional. 

Here’s an example:

“I look forward to hearing from you for more conversations. 


[Add Signature]

Mike Lamba 

Alberton, Gauteng

0121 234 5678

[email protected]


Step 4: Proofread your Email 

Take time to proofread your mail. It would be a shame to have a fantastic email but with the wrong spelling. One of the major reasons you would want to properly proofread your mail is because the recruiter could be using an ATS system and once it detects an error, your CV may not parse. So, proofread your email over and over. It will definitely keep you safe. 


Step 5: Keep the tone professional 

When you are submitting your mail for an opening, it’s important that you keep the tone of your mail professional,  beginning with your email address. This shows how serious you are and also sends a message to the recruiter that you mean business with your career. 


Step 6: Attach your CV and Cover Letter 

After you’re done with these steps, you then attach your CV and Cover Letter to the mail. When sending in these documents, always ensure to use your name as the title of the document. Also, always submit your CV in PDF format except otherwise stated by the recruiter in the opening. 


Dos and Don’ts of Sending a CV via email 

When sending your CV, here are things you should do

  • Include the job title in the subject of your email.

  • Use a professional email address such as [email protected]

  • Personalize your email to match the job description. Do not just copy and paste.

  • Make research about the company and hiring manager before sending your mail. It will give you an edge to create a perfect email.

  • Keep your mail short and concise. 

  • Be specific about the value you intend to bring to the company. This contributes to a concise mail. 

  • Use active keywords from the job opening in your email. This will ensure your email is parsed in case they are using a tracking system. 

  • Always use call-to-action words at the end of your mail to get the recruiter to take positive action with your CV. 


When sending in your CV, here are things you should not do

  • Never send your CV with a blank body. It does not look professional.

  • Don’t forward an email sent to another company to the recruiter, especially with the competitor’s ID visible. Every mail you send for your CV should be tailored to that particular company. 

  • Do not use SMS language or short forms in your mail. It's professional mail and should be kept that way.

  • Avoid using special characters in your emails. Underscores, hashtags and other special characters may be difficult for a tracking system to parse.

  • Do not type your email in all capital letters. That would totally be wrong for your mail. 


When is the right time to send a CV via email? 

It has been proven that sending your mail on Monday increases your chances of getting an interview on average by 46%. Also, sending in your mail between 6 am and 10 am increases the possibility of your mail being noticed on time.  However, on a general note, submitting your CV within the first 4 days gives room for it to be attended to first. So, if there's an opening on a Wednesday, you don’t have to hold off till Monday before sending your application. 


Samples of Email Cover Letters 

Here are some samples of emails you can use for your applications


Intern Cover Letter Email Sample


Dear Helen,

My name is Michael and I'm emailing you about the internship opportunity at your company. I'm currently a student at the University of Pretoria, studying Veterinary Medicine. 

Your company's work on the protection and medical attention of animals is something I've always been passionate about. I’ve also attached my CV to show you some of the things I’ve been able to do in the past in line with this. 

I'd appreciate a further discussion on this as I know your establishment to be a reputable one and would like to be a part of this internship program. You can reach me via email or on my cell phone at [phone number].

Thank you,


Michael Eric,

University of Pretoria, Pretoria.

[email protected] 


Undergraduates Cover Letter Email Sample


Dear Mr Adams,

My name is Michael Smith, a student at the University of Cape Town and I am very interested in applying for the position of operations manager at Vallo Inc. My CV and cover letter are attached to this email for your consideration.

While in school, I have worked on several projects, operations management and process improvement. I want to be part of a team that will make the mission of Vallo Inc. a reality. My responsibilities included daily oversight of 10 employees. Moreover, I believe Vallo has the stability to allow me to gain more expertise.

Feel free to reach me with any questions and thank you for your time.





Michael Smith

University of Capetown

[email protected] 

(+81) 0000-2382


Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Email Sample


Dear Helen, 

I am Rita and I am interested in applying for the role of Social Media Manager in your firm. I am a graduate of Marketing from the University of Johannesburg with First Class Honors. Studying Marketing has enabled me to grow my creativity and understanding of the social media space. 

While in school, I interned with some organizations which gave me experience as a social media manager. I have managed 2 brands in total and organically grew followership to over 2500+ for each brand. All these details and more are contained in my CV. I hope to use my skills to contribute to the organization’s goals. 

I’m open to further deliberations and conversations. You will find my contact details attached below.


Thank you. 


Rita Bandile, 

Alberto, Guateng,


[email protected] 


Professional Cover Letter Email Sample


Dear Helen, 

My name is Ruth Bandile and I am a Data Analyst with 5 years of work experience. I am emailing you in regard to the opening in your firm for the role of a Data Analyst.

In my 5 years of working, I have helped organizations improve customer retention and attract new customers by over 40% consistently. I am skilled in Statistical Programming and have an excellent knowledge of data analytics tools. In my last job, I was able to convert data into actionable insights by predicting and modelling future outcomes. I also utilized Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, implementing new scripts that increased performance by 25%. I am applying for this role because I believe your company will give me the right environment to put my skills to use and contribute to the organizational goals. 

Attached to this mail is a copy of my CV and Cover Letter. I hope to hear from you soon for more discussions. 


Thank you, 


Ruth Bandile,

Alberto, Gauteng, 


[email protected] 


With these easy steps, you can command the attention of any recruiter that you want when submitting your CV. If you need samples to write your CV, check out this article on the best CV templates in 2023. 


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