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Top 10 Companies Hiring this Week in South Africa, According to MyJobMag

Updated on May 20, 2022 6771 views
Top 10 Companies Hiring this Week in South Africa, According to MyJobMag


Don't be misled by the unemployment rate; hiring is still taking place despite the rise in the unemployment.

May is the perfect month to look for a job!

Hiring managers have been given budgets to fill new positions for the second half of the year projects. 

To have a positive experience, you should aim to apply for 10 to 15 jobs every week and and target top firms.

Here are the top 10 companies hiring this week, according to MyJobMag:

  1.  Deloitte is hiring people for about 6 positions in Nairobi.
  2. VKB Group is hiring people for more than 10 positions.
  3. Standard Bank Group is hiring people to fill 9 positions in the following locations: KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg.  
  4. Amazon is hiring to fill four positions in customer service, 1 recruiter, and numerous other positions available.
  5. Nedbank is hiring more than 8 people for open roles in Western Cape, Gaunteng, Free State and More.
  6. Momentum currently has more than 15 openings in sales, customer service, data science, ICT and more fields.
  7. South32 needs you to fill any of the roles. They have 9 engineering, data, and other positions available.
  8. hearX Group is looking for sales, ICT, accountants, engineers, and many other positions. Choose one and submit your applications right now.
  9. IQVIA is has 4 positions in Free State and Johannesburg.
  10. BCX has call centre, IT and many more roles for you to apply 

More positions are also listed on

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