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Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2024 for young African leaders

Updated on Mar 15, 2023 1281 views
Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2024 for young African leaders

About the leadership development programme

The programme is built on our founding principles of reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and a belief that leadership begins with inner transformation.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation aim to keep Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive by equipping young African leaders with the competence and courage to transform the continent into a place where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.

The programme is delivered primarily through a series of week-long residential workshops which you will attend during your time in residence.


You could be a Mandela Rhodes Scholar if

  • you are a citizen of an African country
  • you are between 19 and 29 years of age
  • you have an undergraduate degree with excellent academic results (above 70% or upper-second class Honours)
  • you can study at a postgraduate level in English. Take this free test if you’re unsure.
  • aspire to be an ethical leader and are committed to using my talents to advance equality, freedom and human dignity in Africa
  • admire Nelson Mandela’s ability to bridge divides and bring people together around our common humanity
  • are prepared to reflect deeply on your own leadership and undergo a process of personal change and growth

How are Mandela Rhodes Scholars selected?

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation look for young leaders who aspire to the principles below and who have demonstrated the potential to live them out.

1. Leadership

Do you aspire to be a visionary leader who has moral authority? Do you see leadership as more than just personal ambition – as a way to pursue the advancement of equality and freedom, human rights and human dignity? And do you want to guide and inspire others to reach their full potential?

2. Reconciliation

Do you believe that reconciliation – combined with reparation – is the key to harnessing an imperfect past to develop a more just world?

And are you prepared to start the process by looking at your own internal landscape?

3. Education

Do you have excellent academic results but believe that your education should not only benefit you but make a difference for others?

And do you agree that intellectual excellence must be accompanied by character and a rounded personality?

4. Entrepreneurship

Do you want to see Africa take its rightful place as an equal and competitive presence in the global world? Have you demonstrated individual effort, innovation and creativity to this end?

To benefit from our programme you must be curious about doing the personal, internal work of leadership.

This means a commitment to developing self-awareness by engaging with difficult parts of yourself, an openness to learning from the diversity and differences in your cohort, and a willingness to explore and embrace complexity within yourself, others, and the systems around you.

For scholars from outside South Africa…

Important: Applicants from outside South Africa may need to complete SAQA verification to start their studies at a South African university.

Apply now

Applications close by the end of Friday, 21 April 2023. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted under any circumstances.

You apply online, and access the application platform through the button link below:


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