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Google Podcasts Creator Program

Updated on Jul 15, 2020 1820 views
Google Podcasts Creator Program

Apply here for the Google Podcasts Creator Program.

Ends on August 3, 2020

Launched in 2018, the Google Podcasts creator program is guided by a mission of providing a global audio community with open resources, empowering underrepresented voices, and showcasing new work. Last year, the program welcomed early-stage producers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, and the United States.  This year, the program will serve producers with an existing podcast who want to advance their skills and take their productions to the next level. BIPOC podcasters and creators from traditionally marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. 

Free to participants, the training will be entirely virtual and conducted by PRX alongside international industry experts and Google Podcasts creator program alumni.  Creators in the program will receive: 

  • Training on topics such as storytelling, sound design, and reaching audiences through marketing and engagement; 
  • Regular feedback on all aspects of their production, including editorial and technical input;
  • Equipment and software to help meet independent production needs amid the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic; and,
  • Up to $12,000 in funding for use as they see fit for their productions.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 ET on August 2, 2020. All applicants will be notified either way by email by September 4, 2020.
Whether you live somewhere with a thriving podcast industry or a place where people are just starting to learn about podcasts, it's an exciting time to be in podcasting. To be successful, it takes more than just a good idea. You need a strong sense of who you are making your podcast for, why you are the right person or team to do it, and a clear-eyed understanding of the work it takes to keep it going. Your responses will be essential to the selection process. 

We strongly recommend reading the FAQ thoroughly. You will find a lot of information about the program and the current teams at, including this blog post about how to make your application stand out. To get notified when we host application Q&A sessions, release new resources, and more, subscribe here. You can also reach us by email at [email protected]. We will do our best to respond to all messages but may not be able to respond to everyone individually.  

PRX and Google do not assume any rights to your intellectual property in this process, even at the application stage. You alone own your idea. PRX will ask each selected team to sign a letter of agreement covering payment terms, services and program expectations but this does not include any rights to your work.
Finally, thank you for your interest. We hope completing this application is a helpful experience for you and we cannot wait to read your application!
Please note: If you applied to the Google Podcasts creator program last year, you will need to reapply. Be sure to highlight the work you have done since the first application and let us know about any new developments with your podcast.

The application will allow you to specify which cohorts you are not able to attend if needed.

Cohort One

September 21, 2020 through December 4, 2020

Cohort Two
January 25, 2021 through April 16, 2021

Cohort Three
May 3, 2021 through July 23, 2021


Learn how to make your application stand out

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