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 Top HR Blogs To Follow In 2023

Updated on Dec 31, 2022 43583 views
 Top HR Blogs To Follow In 2023

Need some career advice?


As an HR professional, a huge part of your job requires you to hunt for the best candidates who are experts in their field, and either poach them for your company or other companies. 


In addition to that, you also have to make sure that every employee at your company or whom you’ve hired gets the best possible treatment, in terms of office culture, salary and other benefits, and are also as comfortable as possible. And you also deal with employee grievances and complaints.


You have a lot of responsibilities, and as such you need to stay on top of your career, and one way to do that is to get advice from experts in your field or reading self-help blogs specifically made for HR professionals.  


List of the Top HR Blogs and Websites Everyone Should Be Reading

To get you started on that, we have made you a list of top HR blogs to follow in 2020:


  • HR Daily Advisor

  • upstartHR

  • HPPY

  • Factorial

  • The Chief Happiness Officer Blog


  • Rectus

  • Robin Schooling

  • Strategic HCM Blog

  • Human Resources Today


  • The People Equation

  • breathe

  • Human Capital League

  • Best Practice In Human Resource

  • True Faith HR

  • the workplace by charlie (CharlieHR Blog)

  • TriNet

  • Potential Realized

  • A.J.O’Connor Associates

  • Alexey Mitkin

  • CakeHR Blog

  • Employee Connect

  • HR Jump

  • Thomas Dorynek

  • Kazoo

  • BlueBoard

  • Evil HR Lady

  • SnackNation

  • TINYpulse

  • The Baudville Blog

  • The Namely Blog

  • HR Capitalist

  • Bonusly

  • Workology

  • Kin HR

  • Cezanne

  • Fond Blog

  • Officevibe

  • NGA HR

  • Bob Sutton

  • ChristopherInHR

  • Insperity

  • The Tim Sackett Project

  • Workplace Psychology

  • RewardGateway

  • Saba Blog

  • Havard Business Review

  • Clear Review

  • Culture Amp

  • Recruiting Blogs

  • HRZone

  • HR Examiner

  • HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

  • HR Blogs

  • Oracle Blogs

  • Smart Recruiters

  • Workable

  • BambooHR

  • Ask A Manager



top hr blogs to follow



Let's dive in.

1. HR Daily Advisor

HR Daily is your go-to HR blog to get the latest “working” trends in the HR industry as well as articles and tips that are tailored to make your job easier as HR personnel.


It gives you insight on how to relate with your employees, and also how to create a workplace culture that is accommodating and beneficial to all to all of them.  Follow the HR Daily blog for daily advice on how to advance in your career.


2. upstartHR

upstartHR is run by Ben Eubanks and provides you with a one on one approach to getting HR advice. 


Ben shares his podcasts, does HR book reviews, speaks at events, shares information on HR certifications, and gives away free resources for HR.


You could also contact him via email, and subscribe to his blog for daily updates.



HPPY provides you with tips on how to keep your workers happy, and even how to recruit and retain Millenials, it covers topics like employee engagement, millennial recruitment, company culture improvement, employer branding, workplace behaviour, etc.


The blog also has informative infographics, resources for HR professionals, a list of software you can use, and another list of consultants you can talk to for coaching both you and your organization.


4. Factorial

The Factorial blog gives amazing advice on how to approach topics like HR audit, employee time-off, human design, recrutiment and selection, onboarding, creating a healthier workplace, and even hard topics to discuss like employee firing and resolution of conflict in the workplace.


5. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

The Hapiness blog is founded by Alexander Kjerulf. This blog encourages employers and HR to make their office feel more like a home than a stiff stereotypical office, giving advice on the best ways to create employee happiness in the workplace.



SPARK HIRE has a brilliant human resource blog that is guaranteed to enable you enhance your career as an HR personnel.


 All you need do is pick from the comprehensive list of HR self-help articles, and you are well on your way to becoming a specialist in your industry.



RECTUS offers to you HR updates, generalist course, training, and diploma to help you enhance your career as an HR professional.


8. RobinSchooling

On Robin Schooling's website, you’ll find memoirs, articles, podcasts, and events on HR advice from Robin Schooling herself. Follow her blog for sharp and well-written realistic insights on the HR industry.


9. Strategic HCM Blog

The strategic HCM blog is run by top HR expert, Jon Ingham. He also made our list of  Top HR Experts to Follow on Twitter for Amazing Career Advice.


His organization Strategic Dynamic Consultancy Services LTD assists individuals and organizations to implement working HR strategies, including Human Capital Management, as part of their HR agenda. 


He speaks at events and is an author and a tutor. 


10. Human Resources Today

Human Resources Today covers a few topics like Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Performance and Talent Management, Time and Attendance, and Wellness.


The blog also has resources for HR personnel to learn from, like webinars, webinar series, ebooks/guides/white paper, and articles. You can also read the 2020 report on the future of the HR industry.



This blog which is run by keynote speaker and career advisor, Laurie Reutimann- answers some of the burning and difficult questions that HR professionals get like “why is the employee experience undervalued?” 


Additionally, it provides you with tons of HR-centred articles, free HR learning opportunities, blogs, and podcasts.


12.The People Equation

The People Equation is owned by Jennifer Miller, who speaks on workplace dynamics- Jen V. Miller on workplace dynamics.


She generally talks about workplace behaviour, and some of the topics you’ll find on her blog site include book reviews, “Learn How to Motivate with Constructive Feedback” and a whole lot of other topics you could immensely benefit from. 


The people equation blog was also named Top HR blog, by BambooHR


13. breathe 

breathe is your absolute go-to for tips on workplace transparency, diversity, mental health, gender equality, technology millennials are interested in, inclusiveness, employee retention and over-all insight on trends and best practices in the HR industry that every HR personnel should adopt for their own companies.


14. Human Capital League

Human Capital League is the perfect place to learn how to grow your skills as an HR professional. 


Some categories worth looking at on the blog for the best HR tips include- Social HR, Recruiting, Talent Management, Training & Development, and Workplace Design. Be sure to look at other categories on the blog too.


15. Best Practice In Human Resources.

For the HR professional who wants to revamp their career and gain more knowledge, you should know that Best Practice In Human Resources is bursting at the seams with excellent tools and resources to help you achieve this.


Subscribe to the blog and get steady updates on what’s new in the HR industry, what strategies you can implement in your workplace, and which technologies you should be using to advance your career.


We’ve given you a little taste of what to expect from this blog in the link above.


16. True Faith HR

Talent advisor contributor, Matthew Stollak runs the True Faith HR blog, which is your reliable source for enlightening blog articles and HR industry insights.


On his blog site, are topics on engagement, employee swaps, retirement, team building, and time management which you can read.


17. the workplace by charlie

CharlieHR Blog has great resources like the Charlie software and articles on topics like- hiring, leadership and development, pay raise and a number of other topics that bug HR personnel, all to make your workplace better. You stand to learn a lot by following this blog.


18. TriNet

TriNet offers solid advice on tough topics like hiring and retaining millennials and Gen Z employees, holiday pay, and workplace culture and behaviour. It also has an ebook guide and a mobile app that helps you manage your business.


19. Potential Realized

Potential Realized is run by Jennifer Britton and the blog for you if you want to master the workings of Team management, leadershup development, training and facilitation, coaching, and everyother topic that offers insight on effective team and employee management. 


20. A.J.O’ Connor Associates

A.J.O’Connor blog offers advice on topics like self-organization, leadership, coaching, team development, and provides you with the resources you need to manage and efficient team at the workplace, and improve yourself as well.


This blog will teach you how to build sustainable strategies that can help you withstand situations, solve conflicts at the office and become a better version of yourself through it. 


A.J.O Blog has an award for being listed among the Top 100 HR blog.


21. Alexey Mitkin

Alexey Mitkin is a prominent HR advisor with an interest in technology, entrepreneurship, writing, web development, and innovation.


You can read his work on HR Tech Weekly where he also is an author/ contributor.


22. CakeHR Blog

CakeHR blog is managed by Kaspars Upmanis and promises to have your back as an HR personnel by keeping you informed about what’s going on in your industry like- challenges, new developments, tools, and resources.


CakeHR takes care of you and supports you as you strive to make your employees happier and comfortable. It also has an HR software that is designed to help you stay on top of your career, and get the most out of your job.


It was cited as one of the best HR blogs of 2018.


23. EmployeeConnect

EmployeeConnect was featured in Feedspot’s Top 100 Blogs For Human Resources & Talent Management Experts and deserves a spot on our list of top HR blogs to follow in 2020.


This blog is “an incredible learning and sharing platform” that transforms everything you know on Human Resources. 


By following EmployeeConnect, you will understand how to manage and keep the employees at your company engaged in their work and connected to their co-workers in this age, where it is easy for workers to fill a disconnect and dissatisfaction from their work and quickly resort to resignation.


24. HR Jump

What will the HR industry look like years from now? How will this change affect your job?


HR Jump is managed by experts in HR space, Thomas Dorynek, Mats Nemelka, and Joe Honess who have made it their mission to observe the HR market trends, spot those disruptors that threaten this industry and envision technologies that are currently driving the future of HR.


They do all this, while still giving their input on how best to adjust to the digitalization of the HR industry and topics like diversity and inclusion, compensation, and leadership and development.


Follow them to get answers as to what the changing pace of the HR industry entails for you.


25. Thomas Dorynek

Thomas Dorynek is a fantastic consultant in the HR space, who has extensive experience in HR Digital Transformation and is enthusiastic about technology.


He has a platform on HR Jump alongside other HR experts, Mats Nemelka and Joe Honess


Follow him on Twitter at @TDorynek for access to knowledge.


26. Kazoo

If you wish to make your employees more comfortable while they work, by  improving employee experience, then Kazoo is perfect for you.


The blog has specifically tailored articles packed with advice just for this purpose. Follow their blog to see what you will find.


27. BlueBoard

For the HR personnel who is confused on how to effectively manage employees, and handle their needs in a way that it is benefiting to each individual, the BlueBoard blog has the perfect posts for you to read.


Their blog posts are well-detailed and broken down for easy reading and understanding.


28. Evil HR Lady

It is easy to have your co-workers develop misconceptions about what it is you really do for them as the HR personnel, be unsatisfied by your efforts, and even avoid coming to you altogether because they assume that you are the instigator of the system that “ is not their friend. 


All this can make it easy for you to feel like the role you play is not important, and think that it is difficult for you to get through your co-workers.


Quite frustrating isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to continue to be that way with Evil HR Lady. This blog actually demystifies your department and builds a bridge between you and your co-workers, so that they understand you better and feel comfortable coming to you with complaints.


Fun fact, Suzanne Lucas author of Evil HR Lady was cited in our post on Top HR Experts To Follow on Twitter For Amazing Career Advice in 2019. She is definitely worth following.


29. SnackNation

If you need constant and fresh ideas on how to drive employee engagement, productivity, or well-being at your company, then you should try following the SnackNation blog. 


You get constant blog articles on how to switch things up at your company, best ideas on creating a company culture that works for every single member of your office, and even free snacks!


30. TINYpulse

How do I keep the workers at my company engaged? How do I get them to have more fun at work? How do I make sure they are more relaxed and productive at work?


Put an end to all your hows and uncertainties for what works best for your company, and follow Tinypulse instead for solid answers to your questions.


31. The Baudville Blog

Always be ready with answers for which strategies work best for the company, employee recognition and engagement, and culture. Get tips and advice on what it really means to be an HR personnel.


Stay on top and informed by subscribing to The Baudville Blog, "so you don't miss a thing".


32. The Namely Blog

The Namely Blog answers questions that are more geared towards company benefits, payroll, salary, work timings, interviews, hiring strategy, and a whole lot of other topics that you can benefit from by reading about, and ultimately implement in your company.


Check out their blog site to get full details about their take on HR’s most pressing topics.


33. HR Capitalist

HR Capitalist author, Kris Dunn made the list on our blog post Top HR Experts To Follow On Twitter For Amazing Career Advice, and if you did what the post suggested and followed him on Twitter, then you’ll agree that no one is more passionate about this industry, or does HR advice quite like Kris.


In addition to using his Twitter for the noble purpose of advising HR personnels, you can also follow his teachings, by subscribing to his blog the HR Capitalist where he has a segment titled Ask the Capitalist, where you can ask Kris questions that bug you about your job, and he will give you one on one advice on the best way to go about it.


34. Bonusly

“Bonusly is a fun, personal employee recognition, and rewards platform that helps people feel engaged and successful at work”.


In addition to helping your reward employees, Bonusly also provides you with a team of subject matter experts who give their take on various topics and policies that are associated with the HR industry.


35. Workology

Finding reliable resources for HR can prove to be a long, gruelling process, but Workology makes it easy by being your, in the words of the CEO and founder Jessica Miller-Merrel  “one-stop spot for all HR & workplace digital resources”. 


Lots of articles for you to read and podcasts to listen to, to help you enhance your career. Go to the blog to see what you can find, and maybe “stay a while”.


36. Kin HR

Follow Kin HR for advice on adopting healthier work cultures, resolving conflict at work, implementing the best practices and office policy, and improving employee happiness.

37. Cezanne

By following Cezanne blog, you won't just get more out of your job as a Human Resource officer, you'll also gain knowledge on HR improving its influence, tech trends to watch out for in 2020, inclusion, performance improvement plan, and a whole lot of other topics.

Whatever you learn from following Cezanne, you could easily implement to make your own company better.


38. Fond Blog

Reward systems, giving constructive employee feedback, addressing the issue of employee turnover, encouragement, onboarding, company culture, employee experience, and anything else you want to know, Fond Blog is your go-to blog for this information.


39. Officevibe

Want to create the best atmosphere for your office, what better place to read up on how to do that, than from Officevibe?


Learn how to build trust in the workplace, form and maintain relationships, have conversations with co-workers, coach, increase performance, stop your best employees from leaving, and above all create an office that is not toxic.


40. NGA HR

Being in charge can be overwhelming, especially when you are worried about making decisions or doing anything at all, that your employers may not receive well.


Luckily for you, NGA HR presents a light way for you to easily deal with those uncomfortable situations and conversations (like payroll), which you dread talking about, and also provides advise on the importance of new hires, outsourcing trends, handling documents, employee branding, creating a great employee experience, etc.


41. Bob Sutton

On Bob Sutton’s blog, you’ll find amazing self-help books that teach you things like how to handle people who mistreat you, be a good boss, and generate unconventional ideas that totally work.


Give his blog a follow to get advice on work matters.


42. ChristopherInHR

Follow ChristopherInHR, to get his solid take on issues and topics relating to several areas like- HR, leadership, management, and the office.


Meet him on his blog, live and in HR to read engaging and relatable articles told from a firsthand account.


43. Insperity

Looking for the best rules and practices to implement in your company? Then subscribe to Insperity.


On Insperity, you get detailed advice from various experienced subject matter experts on the latest and best HR practices that you can easily incorporate into your company culture. The blog helps you clarify your doubts as to the best strategies to adopt.


44. The Tim Sackett Project

HR pro, Tim Sackett drops some vital knowledge about the HR industry, on his blog, The Tim Sackett Project.


Read his article, "5 New Years Recruiting Resolutions You Need To Follow And How",  to gain insight on what your own recruiting resolutions should actually be. And check out his segment Recruitment 2020.


45. Workplace Psychology

The Workplace Psychology is managed by Leadership Development Advisor, Steve Nguyen, PhD it covers three areas, I/O Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Talent Management, and Change Management.


In addition to giving wholesome advice, Steve takes on a Psychological approach to handle issues like workplace behaviour, talent acquisition and retention and adapting to change in the office, focusing on the role people’s behaviours actually play on their attitude to work.


We do believe that subscribing to his blog will teach you how to master the above-mentioned areas.


46. RewardGateway

RewardGateway has an impressive set of resources from an outstanding team of subject matter experts on- employee engagement, communications, wellbeing/ mental health, rewards, recognition, benefits and technology which you could read and adapt, to create an effective employee experience as well as work culture at your company.


The blog also offers advice on a number of order topics in different sectors relating to the HR industry.

47. Saba Blog

Most HR personnel are only good at hiring talented candidates, but fail woefully when it comes to retaining or developing that talent, which is a crucial part of the hiring process.


If you struggle with high employee turnover, employees that are disengaged at work because they feel that their potential are not fully maximized, or can't hire skilled candidates because "lack of talent",  then you should absolutely follow Saba Blog to learn strategies on how to acquire, develop, and retain those talented candidates, and even develop talents of the employees you already have.


By following this blog you'll learn things that you as an HR personnel should do, to hold up your end of the bargain which is creating a workplace experience, that keeps employees comfortable, productive, satisified with their performance, and makes them feel like there has been a sort of career development on their part.


48. Harvard Business Review

When you follow the Havard Business Review blog, you’ll not only gain amazing career advice, but you’ll also learn how to adopt the right habits and attitude to your job whether as an HR personnel managing others or yourself.


You’ll understand how to control those little habits of yours or other of your employees that could spell doom for the business, the right things to say to workers to make them feel appreciated, and a whole lot of other things that can make your company atmosphere conducive for everyone.


49. Clear Review

The workplace culture is evolving and many smart companies are already adopting one that is inclusive, kinder and considerate of how workers in a company feel, so why shouldn’t you do the same? Or take the one you have up a notch?


Why not engage your co-workers more with meaningful activities? Adopt better ways to appraise them? Create activities that will really boost their morale? 


Why not follow Clear Review blog to get amazing advice from experts on how to change your company culture for the better?


50. Culture Amp

Speaking about taking your company culture up a notch, the Culture Amp blog has the best articles on practices you can easily adopt in order to create a sustainable work culture for your office.


We bet you can turn thing around at your workplace by reading some of their articles like- 10 best employee engagement initiatives used by companies, Who is responsible for employee engagement? And other office-related topics they give advice on, including wellbeing.


51. Recruiting Blogs

On Recruiting Blogs you’ll find everything you need to know on sourcing for, and hiring the right candidate for your company, and mistakes to avoid which could cost you a good candidate.


It also gives insight on employee retention, reward, how to land an HR job, and other issues relating to your company.


52. HRZone

HRZone talks recruitment app, tech, communication, employee engagement, diversity, people development, talent, appraisal, talent attraction, and every other topic you’ll need clarification as HR personnel.


53.HR Examiner

The HR Examiner gives advice on what implementing AI and intelligence software in HR, human capital, coaching, bad workplace behaviour, and is a reliable and educating learning platform for all things HR.


54. HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

If you’ve been looking for the best place to listen to HR podcasts, look no further, go to HR Works: The Podcasts for Human Resources, instead. They have a series of podcasts you can stream on Sound Cloud, to listen to advice on HR related issues.


55. HR Blog

The Spotify HR Blog is perfect for your daily dose of tips on workplace mindfulness, mental wellbeing, motivational articles, inclusivity, diversity, growth, and every other topic that is designed to make you a better HR personnel than you already are.


56. Oracle Blogs

On the Oracle HCM blog is the best blog to follow for accurate insight on the future of the HR industry, trends, predictions for the year. It also gives advice on talent acquisition and career development.


57. SmartRecruiters

You’ll never go wrong, with SmartRecruiters as a source for tips on hiring/recruitment hacks, talent acquisition, job postings to attract the right candidates for a job, employee benefits and generally hiring and retaining employees.


58. Workable

Workable uses stories and insights to get you firsthand insider tips you can depend on, about what’s really going on in the HR industry in terms of recruitment, workplace culture, technology, and other recent trends taking your industry by storm.


And they also have an HR tool kit to help you get fully equipped for your job.


59. BambooHR

Not only is Bamboo HR one of the best blogs you could ever follow as an HR personnel, but they offer impeccable tips on tricky aspects of your job like employee benefits and compensation, transparency in the company, positivity at the workplace, feedback about HR, and employee offboarding. 


60. Ask A Manager

Being in your position, employees come to you a lot to lay complaints, air their grievances and sometimes, you get confused on the best cause of action to take. Or most times an employee or even your boss does something bad and you don’t know how to handle it.


If you need advice on what to do, you could go to the Ask A Manager blog where Alison Greene gives the best answers to work-related questions from people who are in a similar position as you are. She will answer you too.



Alright guys, this is our line up of top HR blogs to follow in 2020 to ensure that you are off to a good start in your career this year.


For more on HR advice, check out our list of Top HR Experts to Follow on Twitter for Amazing Career Advice

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