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How To Stay Relevant In An Ever-Changing Job Market

Updated on May 11, 2017 1421 views
How To Stay Relevant In An Ever-Changing Job Market The only way to predict the future is to create it

Simply put, the job market can be described as the number of the working population of a certain geographical area that are within the ages of 16 to 65.
It can also be described as a pool of people who are currently working or are available to work.
We can also say the job market is the buying and selling of work and service.

With this in mind, and with the ever growing population of the world at large without also looking down at the ever increasing unemployment rate in the world over, it is important that every worker or service provider as the case may be must stay relevant.

To illustrate, a recent graduate of Biology whose interest is in fashion must do all he or she can to study the necessary skills needed to be in the industry and must constantly upgrade his skills to stay ahead of the pack.

Becoming a skilled worker and staying relevant means that you must find your passion and follow it thoroughly. You must develop and improve yourself in that line so that you can also become an authority in such field.
The fascinating thing about this is that no matter how trivial you think this subject matter is, it is what will determine your success in your job or chosen field.

Now let's take a look at this scenario;

A graduate of economics got a job as a customer service person then agent a year went on to do business analysis. After two years and a half he moved on to be an entrepreneur but had to quit to go back to customer service. It is without doubt that the route that such a person is taking will lead no where other than frustration at the middle of his career age because he has refused to find his passion.

Staying relevant means recognizing your career path and doing all the necessary certifications or schooling to get recognized in such an industry. It means at the very worst, volunteering to work within such industry.
Staying relevant means being recognized as an accountant, a pharmacist, an engineer, a plumber etc

To achieve this, you must:
  1. Find your passion.
  2. You must discover yourself.
  3. You calculate the required skill needed for your passion + the energy and the inborn skill you posses.
  4. Get certified. For example; be an authority in your chosen field. Get certified as an accountant, a customer service provider, a chemical engineer or a surveyor.
  5. Prove your worth by constantly developing and improving your skills.
  6. Work in the field. Either as an entrepreneur, a volunteer or a worker.
  7. Re-evaluate yourself. This is important so as to avoid the midlife career crisis that comes with old age and he thinking that you have not given your best or live the most out of your life.
Staying relevant in the world today also implies becoming tech savvy as the world is now a global economy, financial and social village. Everything is done online and ecommerce companies are springing up and emerging.
That passion of yours is a service that can be conducted online or integrated online and without a knowledge of it you become irrelevant.

Find your passion and discover yourself.

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