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How to Become a Tableau Expert in 2023

Updated on Dec 31, 2022 3469 views
How to Become a Tableau Expert in 2023

The graphical representation of information and data is referred to as Data Visualization. Simply put, the act of making up visual concepts for huge amounts of data collected is Data Visualization.


To understand the patterns, trends, and outliers present in the data, there are data visualization tools that change them into elements like graphs, pie charts, maps, charts, and other elements so that they become accessible.


To understand the importance of Data Visualization, consider the example below.

You are given a sheet of paper where the survey of an online grocery store is roughly mentioned. There are some families that buy lentils frequently and others buy pulses regularly. Some buy bread and jam and others buy butter.


Can you conclude anything from the above statement?

Obviously, No. When the same information is presented through a graph, you will easily understand just by a glance how much stock you need to maintain according to their daily sales.


This is a very small example of data visualization. We live in a world of Big Data. the organizations have to deal with huge amounts of data. Without data visualization, it is impossible to extract useful information.


You have now realized the importance of Data Visualization. Let us now move towards a data visualization tool called Tableau and why taking Tableau online training should be your next career move.



What is Tableau?

One of the most powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tools that are used in the Business Intelligence Industry is Tableau.

When you open the official website of Tableau, you find its description as, “From connection to collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, flexible and secure end-to-end analytics platform for your data.”


The best thing about Tableau is that you can easily understand the information that is depicted via Tableau. You don’t need to be a tech-pro to understand it. You can elevate people with the power of data by designing it for the people and scaling it for the enterprise. Moreover, Tableau is the only business intelligence platform that is used to extract insights from the data to drive into action.


For using Tableau software, you don’t need technical skills or coding skills to operate. The people from all sectors like researchers, different industries, and businesses find interest in using Tableau for their data visualization tasks.


Let us now come to Tableau products.

  • Prepare the data collected for analysis using Tableau Prep.
  • Tableau Desktop is where the actual analysis of data happens. Use powerful ‘drag-and-drop’ analysis on the Desktop, which is considered as ‘the gold standard’ in visual analytics.
  • Tableau Online allows self-service analytics over the cloud. You can share data and useful insights online or with the server. You don’t need to manage a server as it is secure and scalable.
  • Watch the data-driven decisions spread by sharing and managing insights on the public cloud by using Tableau Server. For a business, Tableau Server is enterprise-scale analytics.


Being one of the hottest Business Intelligence tools, Tableau has the potential of attracting you to dive into the software and get certified. The certifications always prove your skill up to certain levels and keep you differentiated and get recognized.


Let us look at the Tableau Desktop Certifications today; though there are Server certifications too.


Tableau Desktop Certification


The Tableau Certifications have several benefits. You can demonstrate your technical skills with a Specialist or Certified Associate exam and then take a Certified Professional exam. Each title you earn will showcase your expertise and skills in Tableau. Earning a Tableau certification differentiates you from other similar candidates.


Moreover, the recruitment team always looks for a stamp of approval. Obviously, a certification on your resume makes you the most preferred candidate. The test is conducted online and you don’t need to go to any test location.


In the Tableau Desktop Certification suite, we have several options to choose from.

Some of them are:

  • Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate.
  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  • Tableau Specialist.
  • Tableau Desktop Delta


For now, we will discuss Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification, and tips that you should follow so as to clear the exam.


Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate


This certification is recommended for candidates who have at least five months of primary experience of using this tool and have a clear understanding of concepts of SQL and Databases and standard Data analytics terms.

Let us read the certification process.


First of all, know the exam well. Read all the FAQs about the certification program and make a list of topics you need to learn. Next comes the registration process. Register for the exam by creating a new account through Loyalist Exam Services and book your exam. Now when you have got the date of the exam, you need to start learning. It is highly recommended that you take up one of the many online training courses available. Now comes the turn of setting up your computer. You need to follow the guide provided by Tableau’s official website to set up your computer for taking up the exam.


There are 70 questions that are hands-on and 30 questions are theory based on the tool itself. You are given two hours to solve the questions. One good thing is also there. You get 30 minutes extra for surveys and set up.


You need to score a minimum of 75% in order to pass. One thing you need to keep in mind is every question carries different weightage according to the difficulty level. You can download the Tableau exam guide to look for the details.

The registration cost for taking up this exam is $250.


Bottom Line

Tableau today has become a rewarding career. The average annual salary of a Tableau expert is around $106,000 and the highest salary observed is $158,000, according to a report. In India, it is observed to be INR 500,000.

That's a whopping amount indeed.


With the huge amounts of data being generated, and the need to cater to this data, the demand for Tableau experts is increasing day by day. Some of the companies hiring Tableau experts are Facebook, General Motors, Groupon, and many more. With such a huge salary and demand prospects of Tableau experts, anyone would wish to make a career in the field.


To achieve the Tableau certification, taking up a training course is the best choice. They make the concepts clear to you, have all the stuff to be learned, ready for you. They provide choices from the modes of learning (instructor-led, online, blended) and give you an option of learning at your own pace.

What else do you need?

Go ahead, register yourself for a training course, and get the certification added to your resume

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