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Product Manager Job Description

Updated on Nov 23, 2020 2958 views
Product Manager Job Description

Product management is one of the highest paying jobs. This is because it is an integral part of an organization’s operation. As the name entails, product managers are charged with overseeing products from conception to execution. Product managers acts as a connector for business, technology and customers.

The product manager is responsible for  arranging and executing product  all through the product’s lifecycle, including: assembling and organizing products and client necessities, characterizing the product vision, and working with design team, sealing deals, promoting and backing to guarantee income and consumer loyalty objectives are met. 

The product manager also guarantees that the product meets the organization's general vision and objectives.

An organization’s product manager also collates  customer experiences ( via feedbacks and other means), creating product pricing, and determining feature requirements, and other things.

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Product managers bring to life product ideas expected to lead the organization and settle on key product choices. They regularly investigate market and industry trends and shifts, spreading out any product vision that is separated and conveys interesting value dependent on customer inclination. The job traverses numerous exercises from key to strategic and gives significant intra-organization collaboration — most especially between engineering/design, advertisement/marketing, sales, and sales groups. 

In addition, the product manager is the one in charge of characterizing the why, when, and what of the product that the engineering group constructs. This implies they lead  teams made up of professional from different subdivisions of an organization from a product’s origination right through to its actualization and launch.

The product manager is answerable for setting an product vision and creating the strategy for it’s creation and rollout. Their responsibility is explain the business model to the product team  so they comprehend the goal behind the new product or product discharge. The product manager organizes  what is important most to accomplish the vital objectives and activities behind the product.

Ideas are easy to birth — however it is hard to oversee and organize them. Product managers own the innovative cycle of producing, creating, and curating innovative product ideas. They figure out which ideas  ought to be elevated into highlights to promote the product  forward — in particular those that will accomplish key targets for the product offering and business. To this end, they guarantee that criticism and solicitations are flawlessly incorporated into their product strategy and improvement measures. Products managers at that point convey the status of ideas  back to the customers, colleagues, and team members.

Duties Of A Project Manager 

  1. Gaining knowledge of client experience, distinguish and fill product deficits and come up with new ideas that fit into the trend of the industry and are in-line with market share, improve client experience and drive development.
  2. Make purchase in for the product vision both inside and with key strategies 
  3. Crafting, communicating and implementing product roadmap 
  4. Create product pricing and positioning techniques 
  5. Determining the requirements of the product 
  6. Make an application of product strategy into vehicles that drive solutions 
  7. Apply product strategy into real life situations influenced by business model and customer needs as well as impact
  8. Work closely with designated engineering team to bring the product to life 
  9. Work towards product launch by collaborating with marketing, advertisement and publicity teams as well as other members of the product management group
  10. Review advert and promotional strategies to guarantee that they are in tune with product offering strategy and that the message is viably passed on without any corrosion 
  11. Act as the product evangelist and number one cheerleader to construct mindfulness and comprehension 
  12. Act as a representative of the organization by visiting clients to request feedback  on the organization’s offered products and services.
  13. Apply this feedback into efficient strategy to fill a gap in production or make general improvements.

Product Management Requirements 

  1. If you are interested in becoming a product manager, you’ll need the right qualifications and skills to achieve this. The qualifications are listed below:
  2. A degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any similar field.
  3. Experience in product strategy, development and/or any managerial position.
  4. Track record of successful involvement in product development.
  5. Technical knowledge of software development and web technologies.

Product Management Skills

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
  2. Teamwork and Team Building. 
  3. Leadership Skills.
  4. Knowledge and Understanding of Data.
  5. Knowledge of Industry Insights and KPIs.
  6. Strategic Thinking.
  7. Basic Business Skills.
  8. Knowledge of Design and User Experience.

Product Manager Salary

The average salary for a Senior Product Manager in South Africa is R696,213.

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