65 Resources to Help You Negotiate Your Salary

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65 Resources to Help You Negotiate Your Salary

Salary negotiation might sound like something hard.

If you have ever attended a job interview, you might have been asked different variation of the salary interview question such as "what are your salary expectation"?

And if you have ever been "dumb founded" as to how best to answer this "tricky interview question", then you are in the right place.

This is because this resource contains a list of the top salary negotiation tips from around the globe.  From how to negotiate salary for beginners to advanced salary negotiation tips, you will find everything you need here. 

Before you begin, I will suggest you first go read our ultimate guide to salary negotiation, then come back and use this resources to guide you.


General Salary Negotiation


Negotiate Your Salary l CareerOneStop – Negotiating your salary is a two-way street. Use the tips below that you’re most comfortable with.

Ask a Hostage Negotiator: What’s the Best Way to Get a – In a job negotiation, your salary is only one term. How do you turn this from being all about you to being about us?

This Is How You Negotiate a Higher Salary | Inc.com – Here are 7 essential tips for negotiating a higher salary.

How to Negotiate Your Salary – Lifehacker – Here are some of the best negotiating tips from Lifehacker

FBI negotiation trainer shares tricks for winning any salary – The 50 best colleges in America …. 7 tricks to talk your boss into the salary you want, from a former FBI hostage-negotiation trainer … His advice for anyone about to enter a salary negotiation: “Put aside any fear”

Negotiating Salary 101: Tactics for Better Compensation – Concerned about compensation? Arm yourself with data from Job Search Intelligence, which the US Department of Labor says offers the most accurate salary info

20 Salary Negotiation Tips – AskMen – How does talking your way into a six-figure salary sound? With these tips, you’ll be saying “cha-ching” all the way to the bank.

Negotiate a Higher Federal Salary | Monster.com – Use these tips and resources to bolster your negotiating position: Review Government Pay Scales.

Executive Negotiation Tips – Salary Negotiation – BlueSteps – Whether you are negotiating compensation for a new job, … negotiating tips from One of the leading career experts in the U.S., Louise

PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide – Why Millennials Don’t – Salary Negotiation Guide  Negotiation Tips for Millennials …. stress management, and other topics relating to what makes us happy at work.

7 Salary Negotiation Tips Almost Guaranteed to Backfire – Avoid these salary negotiation tips because they just might back-fire.

Ultimate Guide to Negotiating Your Salary | JobHero – 10 Salary Negotiation Tips Read through this tip list before you sit down

Negotiaton Tips – Negotiation Techniques Research – Here are 10 top tips on how to negotiate your salary package… read paper … takes a creative look at what the real world teaches us about the skill of negotiation.

Salary Negotiation and OSU Financial Resource : Career – Learn tips about salary negotiation; Workshop On-Line:What you need to know … data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States.

How to Negotiate Salary and Evaluate a Job Offer – nearly half of all U.S. workers accept the first salary offer they’re given, especially those ages 18 to 34. Here are some negotiating tips.

Non profit salary negotiation tips at Foundation List – Learn tips as to best negotiating your nonprofit salary – the foundation approach.

Salary Negotiation – Recruiter – Salary Negotiation from a Recriuter

Need advice on salary negotiation with a potential employer – Need advice on salary negotiation with a potential employer? But if you do, rest assured that when the offer comes, it will be what was stated. You can’t win them all.

Negotiate Like a Professor | InsideHigherEd – In light of some of my own blunders when it came to negotiation time, …. … I naively asked the dean for a salary increase of 50 percent and was ….

3 Salary Negotiation Tips for Women – Software Tech – Don’t hesitate to say no when negotiating your salary.

Salary Negotiation Lessons From the NHL Lockout – Five tips to consider about employee pay based on the missteps of the hockey labor dispute.


Salary Negotiation Resources For Women

Why Women Must Ask (The Right Way): Negotiation Advice – Ask a Negotiations Professor at Stanford’s Graduate School

More Reasons Women Need to Negotiate Their Salaries – How do companies end up with significant gender pay inequalities, if they don’t intend to discriminate against women?

A Woman’s Most Powerful Salary Negotiation Tool? Silence – Salary negotiations fill many people with fear, but studies show that women find them particularly challenging.

Negotiating Salary 101: Tactics for Better Compensation – Studies show that we women are just as good at negotiating as men, except …

7 Salary Negotiation Tips for Women – Salary.com – Women are far less likely than men to negotiate at work, which typically costs women more than half a million dollars in earnings over time!

A Woman’s Guide to Successful Salary Negotiation – The salary gap between men and women may have as much to do with how the sexes approach salary negotiation as with gender politics.

Three Mistakes Women Make When Negotiating Salary – Women often make three mistakes when negotiating compensation.

Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations?  – One explanation advanced for the persistent gender pay differences in labor markets is that women avoid salary negotiations.

HOW  TO negotiate your salary and benefits – for women – negotiate your salary and benefits when applying for a job, with a special focus on problems women face.

How To Negotiate the Problem of Women and Men – Time – Since men tend to negotiate more often and more aggressively than women, they land higher salaries

Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations? – National Bureau of – Some evidence also suggests that men and women differ in the way that they negotiate for wages, and that women are less likely to engage in salary negotiations

Women and Salary Negotiations – The Women’s Financial – Pursuing a job can be challenging and exciting at the same time. When and how to negotiate salary is a common concern for many candidates.

Women Salary Negotiation – Huffington Post – Negotiating your salary shows your employer that you are capable, confident and comfortable with what you have to offer.

PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide – The Best Way – How women can earn a higher salary by comparing themselves to men doing the same job.

The Busy Women’s Guide to Salary Negotiation – The Busy Women’s Guide to Salary Negotiation has been written to provide the essential information and tools women all over the world need


Entry-Level Salary Negotiation

New Grads, Here’s How To Negotiate Your Salary – Forbes – You should try to negotiate your salary for a few reasons, … and everyone is pretty much undifferentiated, such as an entry-level barista.

Negotiating Entry-Level Salary | Monster.com – Even in the best of economic times, salary negotiation is a risky proposition for most new college graduates pursuing entry-level positions.

Even at Entry-Level, You Can Enter Salary Negotiations – As the economy improves, entry-level employees have more room to negotiate their salaries at their first jobs.

How to Negotiate Your First-Ever Salary – AfterCollege – You’re not in any position to negotiate salary when it’s your first job, right? Wrong!

Avoid These Entry-Level Salary Negotiation Mistakes – Entry level positions are seldom open for negotiations. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to land a better deal.

Entry-Level Job Negotiation: Negotiate the Salary You – You might think that you need to be established in your field before you can negotiate for a better salary, but you’d be surprised!

How To Negotiate The Best Entry Level Salary – iGrad –  While the typical entry level job doesn’t come with a top tier, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less

How to negotiate your salary for an entry-level position – You don’t have any experience, so are you really in a position to negotiate? YES, but you have to start much …

Negotiating Entry Level Salary – CareerPeer – Most entry level positions have a universal salaries based on position / location. However, keep these salary negotiation tips in mind

Not Negotiating Your First Job Offer Will Cost You | Simple – Salary negotiations don’t need to be difficult or drawn out

Salary Negotiation, CollegeGrad.com – Many companies have a fairly tight (although not airtight) salary range at the entry level.

Asking Money: Salary Negotiations for Dummies – Udemy – Do you want to get paid at least 20% Higher at The Entry Level ?

5 Tips For Negotiating An Entry-Level Job Offer – Block Talk – Here are 5 tips to negotiate an entry-level position.


Salary Negotiation Resources For IT Professionals

Negotiating Information Technology Salaries – Tech Careers – Tips on salary negotiation after you’ve been offered an information technology job. Information on when to conduct negotiations, how to research tech salaries, etc

5 IT Salary Negotiation Tips – Information Week – Many job hunters loathe the salary negotiation process

Tips to Prepare for an IT Salary Negotiation – Robert Half – For information on starting compensation for over 70 IT jobs, check out the 2014 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide.

Salary Negotiation 101: Tips for IT Pros Part 1 – The Bureau of Labor Statistics has salary information on IT related jobs

How a software pro can win starting salary negotiations – He worked at a company where one developer negotiated a starting salary of about $50,000, not knowing that others in the same job got paid a lot more

How to Negotiate Your Web Design Salary before Doing a Job – Salary negotiation is understandably intimidating for most people

Web Developer Jobs, Job Description, and Salaries – Job seekers can use it while negotiating a salary.

Negotiating My First Offer As A Female Developer Fresh Out – Negotiating My First Offer As A Female Developer Fresh Out Of Hackbright Academy

How to negotiate a good salary in Silicon Valley – Business – A good negotiator for an engineering job in the Valley could walk away with 15% … has some great advice on negotiating a high tech job salary.

Handling tech recruiters and salary negotiations – I got another new job. This is the second one in ten months!


Salary Negotiation Resources For Investment Bankers

Negotiating for a Better Investment Banking Salary – How aggressively should you negotiate the terms of a job offer, especially in a tight job market like this one?

Tips for Negotiating Your Investment Banking Salary – Once you have gotten the investment banking job, you work is not over. Now is the time to make certain you negotiate the salary and benefits

Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make During Investment Banking – Whether this is your first investment banking job or you have been in the profession for many years, Salary negotiation can be tricky in investment banking.

Salary negotiation tips from the $35m Goldman Sachs trader – Don’t try Wall Street negotiation tactics at home — or at work.

Nine negotiation techniques to guarantee a pay rise in –  If you can clearly state why you deserve a pay rise, you will be more likely to get it.

How can I negotiate my salary with HR? – Bank of America Jobs – When asked about salary, on the first contact (phone call) I told the HR Gentleman that it was not the #1 priority for me


Salary Negotiation Resources For Medical Professionals


Six steps to a successful physician salary negotiation – Salary negotiation can be the trickiest part of the staffing process.

4 Salary Negotiation Tips for Female Medical Students, M.D.’s – “Negotiate salary increases or perks based upon performance,”

Negotiating a Hospital/Physician Employment Agreement – It is simply a matter of which issues to negotiate.

How to Negotiate like a 5 Year Old – PracticeLink.com – As a physician recruiter with more than 15 years of experience, here’s my advice…

Doctors and Salary Negotiations | HealthWorks Collective – If you get the butterflies at the thought of negotiating with a hospital CEO or practice administrator or even a fellow physician, you are not alone.

Salary Negotiations & Compensation for Doctors | Chron.com – Where you work as a doctor affects your salary and negotiating power. If you choose to work in a large practice or hospital you may have more negotiating room

How do I go about getting best salary best job offer? – Career Doctor’s Cures & Remedies. For many job-seekers, the hardest part of job-hunting is dealing with salary negotiation, obtaining best job offer.

Negotiating Your Compensation | NCMIC Chiropractic – And the doctor will need to be convinced that hiring you will not mean a reduction in his or her income and/or cause a change in lifestyle.

NetDoc – Negotiating Your First Salary – The job offers are coming in but now you’re faced with another new challenge: negotiating your first salary. This can be strange territory for a new physician

On Equal Pay and Salary Negotiation: Women Doctors – Women Doctors Make Less.

Contract Negotiations: Five Elements to Consider – Find out about contract negotiations for physicians. … Survey reports on physician compensation are available to help you

physician salary | Integrity Healthcare – Physicians have it a bit differently than other people when it comes time to negotiate a job offer’s salary.

Negotiate a Physician Salary With Eyes Wide Open – In some situations, the physician may receive a fixed salary, perhaps with the opportunity to earn bonuses.

Salary Negotiations & Compensation for Doctors | Everyday – Careful preparation and good negotiating skills can affect a doctor’s salary.

Negotiating a Physician Employment Contract: 5 Must-Know – Many new doctors are hesitant about negotiating

The Physician’s First Employment Contract – and Negotiating

Today’s Hospitalist :: What can you negotiate in a contract? – Geography also plays a part in how much you can negotiate salaries

Physician Employment Contracts – American College of – Physician Compensation And Benefits  may be negotiated during the hiring process

negotiating salary | Student Doctor Network – I’m looking for some help to guide an upcoming meeting where I will be discussing salary for HPM position.

Physician Salaries – Medical Careers Guide – Explains how to negotiate physician salaries. … In the majority of negotiations, the marketplace is going to be a major factor.

To shed light on the state of salary negotiations for doctors – As we approach the end of two salary negotiation periods (2009-11, 2012-14) doctors are still working on the same salary last updated in 2008.


Salary Negotiation For Government Employees

Negotiate a Higher Federal Salary | Monster.com – Think you can’t negotiate a higher salary for a federal job? You can if you’re armed with the right information.

How to Boost Your Salary Offer – GovCentral.com – So you’ve received an offer for a federal job. This means that you have one final chore to complete: negotiating you salary.

Negotiating a Salary Package – US Department of State – Salary negotiation is an integral part of a successful job search.

3 Tips to Negotiate a Government Salary – GovLoop – One study shows that as few as 1 out of every 8 women negotiates her salary when offered a new job. Why?

Federal Salary Negotiation? – UW Making The Difference – What happens after you receive a federal job offer, do the same rules apply to salary negotiation that you learned about private sector offers?

How to Negotiate a Salary With a Government Job – Whether you’re a new or experienced employee, negotiating salary in private sector jobs is common.

How to negotiate a salary for an entry level federal position – I was just offered an entry level engineering job with the federal government at the GS-7 pay grade. I read that it is possible to negotiate?

Federal Salaries: How to Talk Your Way Up the Scale – People frequently ask me if it’s possible to negotiate a higher federal salary.

Federal Job Salary Negotiation – Federal Career Planning – Because I am going for an interview soon for a Federal IT job and want to make sure that my GS positions/ Salary is the best that I can get.


There you have it. A list of the top salary negotiation resources you can find on the internet. If you find this resource useful, please bookmark it or share on twitter. It might just be what someone is looking for.

NB: Think we missed a resources that should be included. Then email hello@myjobmag.co.za

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