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2023 Salary Guide for South Africa

Updated on Feb 20, 2023 3671 views

Why do most workers in South Africa, earn more than others?

Every year, out of the 58.8 M people in South Africa,  the South African job industry recruits professionals from different career backgrounds, to work in various sectors like management, engineering, medicine, finance, accounting, etc, in addition to the 9.1M people who are already employed.

And while most of these job sectors do well to make sure that employees get the most of their jobs in terms of job retention, training, a conducive work area, and productivity, not all South African workers can agree to have the best working experience at their respective companies due to the huge pay gap among workers in various sectors.

Unfair as it may sound, South African workers in different industries do earn more than workers in other industries or even earn more than their colleagues who are working in the same industry as them. It is a case of an engineer in a company, earning more than his colleague who is also in that company, or someone in the management industry earning more than someone in marketing.

Why then is that the case? Why do most workers in South Africa, earn more than others?

We have answered that question in the Salary Guide for SA below.

This is a guide only as other factors such as location, experience, and learning has been known to influence how much a person can earn.


Average Salary in South Africa

The Average Salary in South Africa is R68,567.

2020 salary guide for south africa



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Best Paying Province in South Africa

  • Western Cape      R369,401
  • Gauteng               R304,799
  • Northern Cape     R303,008
  • KwaZulu Natal     R254,881
  • Limpopo               R254,434


Best Paying Cities in South Africa

  • Cape Town        R374,173
  • Johannesburg   R359,285
  • Sandton            R358,728
  • Centurion          R306,315
  • Pretoria             R231,553


Best Paying Industries in South Africa

  • Banking                    R10, 300
  • IT/Telecom                R8, 700
  • HR                             R8, 500
  • Account/Finance       R7, 900
  • Construction              R7, 800 


Best Paying Jobs  in South Africa

  • Specialist Doctor        R1,123, 890 p/a
  • Architect                          R871,342 p/a
  • Petroleum Engineer  R694,700 p/a
  • IT Manager                     R663,539
  • Industrial Engineer    R663,347 p/a



South Africa Employment Outlook & Forecast


  1. Provincially, employers in the Western Cape report the strongest hiring intentions for the first quarter of 2020, while employers in the Eastern Cape report the weakest hiring intentions.
  2. 2: In the Western Cape, the labor market is anticipated to record positive net growth of 4%. Conversely, the survey’s outlook for the Eastern Cape showed a negative net growth of -5%. Limited job gains are also forecast in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, with outlooks of +3% , and +2%, respectively. 
  3. The Free State outlook stands at -1%. Opportunities for job seekers are expected to be strongest in the finance, insurance, real estate and business services sector and weakest within the construction sector. 



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