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Best Job Search Resources for Today's Job Seekers

Updated on Jan 16, 2020 2142 views
Best Job Search Resources for Today's Job Seekers

Job hunting?

Have an interview?

Or are you simply looking for a one-stop resource for your job and career?

Then you are in luck.


This is because in this job search resource, you are going to find the best article about job hunting, cover letter writing and how to improve your salary negotiation skills.

Are you exicted?

Then let’s get to it.


Cover Letter 

A good cover letter is one of the best ways to get a hiring manager to notice you. 

It is your one chance to elaborate on those qualities and experiences you highlighted in your personal statement and CV, and a good way to show a recruiter all the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job.

And unlike your CV or personal statement, which is usually skimmed through,  a recruiter actually takes time to read your cover letter, so you’ll need to write it a way that it is worth their time.

You can use the resources listed out below to boost yours:




Job Interview

Being invited to a job interview is the final and most crucial stage in your job hunting process.

However, is impossible for you to have a great CV and a stunning and compelling cover letter, but you can still lose a job you were previously considered for if you do bad at the interview.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you, get ready to ace your next job interview by reading the articles below:





How good are you at putting together a resume? What should or shouldn’t you include in a resume?

Often mistaken for a CV, a good resume is equally important when it comes to job hunting, but most job seekers don’t know how to prepare a basic resume and tend to make lots of mistakes when they are writing one for their jobs.

Don’t be like most job seekers, read the resources below to learn how to create an excellent resume.





Networking has become quite a vital part of today’s world. Everybody wants to know everybody and everyone wants to cultivate a contact list which they can harvest later on for connections, business favours, and even jobs.

If you want to get ahead in society, you need to not just know networking, but you also have to become a master at it.

The articles below will teach you how to become a networking master and more.




Salary Negotiation

Negotiating for more salary than they are worth can be awkward for most employers and job seekers.  

And even when they know that they should get paid more than what they are currently earning as salary or what the recruiter is offering them, they prefer not to negotiate for more, because they don’t want to come off as greedy. So they just avoid the conversation and settle for what they are getting, because that is the easy option.

But what if we told you that there are easier ways for you to negotiate for salary, that makes the situation convenient for both you and the person you are asking? Wouldn’t you want to find out?




Job hunting

Did you know that Job hunting is not as scary as everyone makes it up to be? Well, it is not.

Job hunting can be smooth, easy, convenient, and fast for you as a job seeker, fresher or experienced if you have the right information on how to master it, and also possess the right resources to learn from.

However, most times, getting those resources all in one place or even finding the right ones that are easy to understand and practice is a bit hard, which is why we have compiled them for you.




Career Tools

No matter what line of career you choose, or your level of experience, constantly levelling upon your knowledge of the corporate industry and making use of  new resources that can help you get ahead in your career is necessary. If you don't, you will be left behind in this ever changing industry.




It is now time for you to take all that you have learn and start applying for job. Every job seeker needs a job search resources that can help him or her get a job fast and start building a successful career. 

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