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Top Influencers In South Africa To Follow On Twitter

Updated on Jul 03, 2020 6762 views
Top Influencers In South Africa To Follow On Twitter

Influencers are an integral part of marketing for a company, you need them. If you want to push your brand forward and get your intended audience to trust your products, then use a celebrity or an expert who they trust as an influencer. 

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is advice on how to start up your small business, cook, best destination to travel to, the best career development resources, and dominate your industry or life hacks, following an expert  who also happens to be an influencer in the industry you are looking to get into, is a sure way to go about it.

We know how important and necessary this is to you both as an individual, and business owner, so we brought together some of the top influencers in South Africa, who you can follow on Twitter:


Top Influencers To Follow on Twitter In South Africa

  1. @trevor_stuurman: 247.8K twitter followers
  2. @AkiAnastasiou: 219.1K twitter followers
  3. @art2gee: 59.1K twitter followers
  4. @HRFuturemag: 58.8K twitter followers
  5. @LeboGunguluza: 44.5K twitter followers
  6. @shapshak: 37.3K twitter followers
  7. @Dave Duarte: 35.7K twitter followers
  8. @MsPhiona: 34.2K twitter followers
  9. @SimonPb: 32.1K twitter followers
  10. @Richards_Karin: 28.9K twitter followers


Top Business Twitter Influencers In South Africa

The South African business scene as well, isn't short of experts and influencers whose tweets about business advice you can rely on, and adapt for your own business strategy.

These are the top business Twitter influencers in South Africa:

1. Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kreger

An author at Biz Community, Douglas Kruger is an author of 6 business books - Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? What Makes Them Great? Own Your Own Industry, etc.

He is an accomplished global speaker, a 5-time SA public speaking champion, and is currently inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. He is also the man to follow on Twitter for the best advice on business solutions.


Business, Small Business, Marketing

Twitter Handle:



2. Keet Van Zyl

Keet Van Zyl

Meet Keet Van Zyl, an author at Venture Burn, Venture Catalyst, Business Builder and Activist amongst other things. Follow him on Twitter to benefit from his knowledge of business and ideas.


Technology, Business, Startups

Twitter Handle:



3. David Graham

David Graham

David Graham is an expert on Marketing, Social Media, and Business (the trinity). He likes to have conversations with companies on their journey transitioning to digital business. You can definitely stand to learn a thing or two from him.


Marketing, Social Media, and Business

Twitter Handle:



4. Lebo Gunguluza

Lebo Gunguluza

Following Global Business Speaker Lebo on Twitter offers insight and development for you as an entrepreneur who is exploring the most sustainable business solutions for their company. Y



Twitter Handle:



5. Helena Zwarts

Helena Zwarts

As a business who is serious about growth, Helena Zwarts provides a social media marketing solution and online services that will lead your business from a concept you dreamed to completion. Follow her on Twitter to find out how else her input would be beneficial to you.


Business, Small Business, Entrepreneur

Twitter Handle:



6. Romany Thresher

Romany Thresher

Romany Thresher is a Social Media and Email Marketing, and Business expert. She offers online training in creating a brand identity to help you market yourself or your business.


Social Media, Marketing, and Business

Twitter Handle:



7. Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight

Business Growth Strategist  Ashley Knight offers you impeccable insights on how to grow your audience,  income, and influence online.


Business Growth

Twitter Handle:



8. Tom Keighley

Tom Keighley

Is an author at B Daily, The Journal, and Chronicle Live. Follow this former business reporter turner PR agent on Twitter to gain impeccable business advice.


Business, News, Finance

Twitter Handle:



9. Elmen Lamprecht

Elmen Lamprecht

Elmen Lamprecht is an Artificial Intelligence, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Diagnostics expert. Follow him on Twitter for optimistic HR, Tech, and business insight tweets.


Artificial Intelligence, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Diagnostics

Twitter Handle:



10. Judy Dlamini

Judy Dlamini

Dr Judy Dlamini is an accomplished businesswoman, author, and prolific founder and current executive chairperson of the Mbekani Group. Her Twitter page is filled with wholesome tweets, and retweets of other amazing individuals, businesses, opportunities, and initiatives that is guaranteed to inspire you.


Business Leadership

Twitter Handle:



Career Twitter Influencers In South Africa

Whether you need general career advice, tips on career development, reliable information about changes and trends in the workplace, these are the top career Twitter influencers in South Africa, to follow for that:

1. Phiona Martin

Phiona Martin

Career Coach aka Ms Phiona is a career expert that offers daily career advice, which you are sure to find helpful as a professional. She gives actionable insights on a number of topics like how to send emails and offers advice on job application processes. You can also check out her website Give her a follow on Twitter


Career Development, Thought Leadership

Twitter Handle:



2. Ennie Chipembere

Ennie Chipembere

Ennie Chipembere aka Ennie Career Coach does right by her pseudonym by providing free career advice and learning resources to professionals like you who need it to develop themselves.


Career Coaching, Learning

Twitter Handle:



3. Tanita Malan

Tanita Malan

On her Twitter page, aspiring entrepreneur and blogger Tanita Malan offers career advice on a number of things like company culture, job interview tips, and shares books to read as well as trends in the corporate world. Check out more advice on her blog


Career Advice, Social Media

Twitter Handle:



4. Christine Griesel

Christine Griesel

We would like to take it a step further and say that no one knows talent sourcing quite like Christine Griesel. Her Twitter bio literally reads "Career Sourceress | Talent Hacker". 

Who better to take advice about getting the best talents, than from the Sourceress herself? Follow her on Twitter, she also posts job opportunities.


Talent Sourcing, Career Advice

Twitter Handle:



5. Nicholas Buta

Nicholas Buta

Nicholas Buta the Candidate Attorney, on his Twitter, offers free legal advice and career guidance. He is an Analyst and Marketing Consultant. In addition to following him on Twitter, you can check out his website SB Attorneys.


Consultancy, Career Guidance

Twitter Handle:



6. The Careerist

The Careerist

We have reason to believe that working-class women will love what The Careerist has to offer, which is expert "career development and coaching for women in the workplace…"  follow The Careerist for a daily dose of motivational and inspirational posts.


Career Development / Coaching

Twitter Handle:



7. Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath

Following Career Brand Specialist and Freelance Sourcer Vanessa Raath on Twitter, bless your feed with insightful resources on company/employee branding as well as her personal experiences as a talent acquisition specialist. Check her website


Freelance / Global Talent Sourcing, Career Branding

Twitter Handle:



8. Karolina Sky

Karolina Sky

If nothing else will spur you to make big career changes to your work life, then the tweets from keynote/motivational speaker Karolina Sky definitely will. 

This Career/Life Coach has tweets that can help you build a solid career for yourself. You can also visit her website


Career/Life Coaching, Motivational Speaking

Twitter Handle:



9. Lungisa E Sonqishe

Lungisa Sonqishe

If you've always wondered how to make yourself more marketable, become a brand so to speak, and need help "activating your personal brand", then you should follow Personal Brand, Career, and Executive Coach Lungisa E Sonqishe on Twitter. You can also go the extra mile by visiting her website


Personal Branding, Career and Executive Coaching

Twitter Handle:



10. Vumile Msweli - Career Coach

Vumile Msweli

Vumile Msweli is the CEO of Hesed Consulting, an expert Career Coach, Speaker, Columnist, and the absolute influencer to follow on Twitter for solid career guidance. You can benefit from her tweets about masterclasses, seminars you should definitely attend, and clips of her speeches. Visit her website


Consulting, Career Coaching

Twitter Handle:



HR Twitter Influencers In South Africa

If you need advice on navigating the HR industry,  these are the best HR experts/influencers to follow on Twitter.

1. Alan Hosking

Alan Hosking

The Founder and Executive Editor of  HR Future Magazine Alan Hoskin shares his ideas on leadership, HR trends and Job search on his Twitter page.



Twitter Handle:



2. Gaylin Jee

Gaylin Jee

Founder of 33 Emeralds, Gaylin Lee likes to explore how people and organisations can be connected through digital elements and social technology. Her agency 33 Emeralds advises business leaders on how to best utilize social media.


HR, Technology, Leadership, Strategy

Twitter Handle:



3. Rob Mailich

Rob Mailich

Rob Mailich is an expert in recruitment, IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Resourcing & HR Solution, Market Mapping & Consulting. Follow this influencer on Twitter for in-depth HR knowledge.


Recruitment, IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Resourcing & HR Solution, Market Mapping & Consulting.

Twitter Handle:



4. Lelethu Mto

Lelethu Mto

Lelethu Mto is an HR Consultant and Skills Development Facilitator. On Twitter, he shares his insights for Recruiters/HR Managers, as well as job opportunities.


HR, Recruitment, Training, Facilitation

Twitter Handle:



5. Themba


Themba is an HR Specialist, Generalist/HR Consultant who helps small and large businesses on HR Matters. Follow him on Twitter to get quick tips and resources to aid your business in growing.


HR, Consultancy

Twitter Handle:



6. Trevor Gildenhuys

Trevor Gildenhuys

Opportunity meets talent on Trevor Gildenhuys' Twitter page, and you don't want to miss out on what this Talent Scout, Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, and HR & Leadership expert is serving on his tweets.


Talent Scouting, Recruitment, HR and Leadership

Twitter Handle:



7. Carol Gerber

Carol Gerber

Carol Gerber is a Possibilities Coach, Regional HR Manager, and Mentor whose tweets on maintaining a productive workforce, leadership, and general HR advice you'll find enlightening as an HR officer.


HR, Mentoring, Coaching

Twitter Handle:



8. Kyle Black

Kyle Black

Kyle Black is an HR expert who shares job opportunities, insights on hiring for culture fit, employee value, talent sourcing, onboarding processes, and every other knowledge an HR professional will need.


HR Consulting, Talent Management, Organisational Development

Twitter Handle:



9. Matt Haddon

Matt Haddon

Awesomeness Guru and Public Speaker Matt Haddon use his Twitter to share motivational quotes and spread positivity.

Be sure to follow him and listen to his positivity streams. He has the much-needed mindfulness tweets for you to unwind with.


HR, Life Coaching, Business Consulting, Public Speaking

Twitter Handle:



10. S.Hayward Consulting

S. Hayward Consulting

HR and Recruitment Specialist  S.Hayward Consulting shares opportunities and job search tips on his Twitter page


Tech Recruitment, Marketing Collaboration, Recruitment Training, Recruitment Consulting, and HR Assistance

Twitter Handle:


Check out this page for a list of more HR Twitter account to follow for amazing career advice.


Wealth And Investment Twitter Influencers In South Africa

If wealth management and investment advice/opportunities is what you're interested, then Twitter is the right place for you to be for that. 

However, for solid advice and tips in South African wealth and investment sector these are the influencers to follow on Twitter:


1. Warren Ingram

Warren Ingram

First on our list of wealth influencers to definitely follow on Twitter is Warren Ingram, author  How To Make Your First Million & Become Your Own Financial Advisor and award-winning Wealth Manager.

In addition to following him on Twitter for inspirational advice on wealth and insurance, you can also listen to him on CapeTalk and 702Radio. Be sure to check his website Galileo Capital.


Financial Advice, Wealth Management

Twitter Handle:



2. Nick Dakin

Nick Dakin

Nick Dakin is a Portfolio Manager at Sasfin Wealth. On his Twitter, he shares insider tips on investing the right way, and his podcasts so that you can benefit from his knowledge. 


Portfolio Management, Wealth and Investment

Twitter Handle:



3. Paul Theron

Paul Theron

Paul Theron handles equities asset management for Vestact. Following him on Twitter provides you with the latest authentication news and forecasts in investment and training.


Investment, Trading

Twitter Handle:



4. Nick Kunze

Nick Kunze

Nick Kunze is a Trader and Broker, and the influencer to follow for quick stocks and trading tweets, and the latest news that will keep you informed as an investor. You'll gain something following him.


Trading, Brokerage

Twitter Handle:



5. Ricardo Teixeira

Ricardo Teixeira

Ricardo Teixeira is a Wealth Management Expert and Property Developer, his tweets advise on pension, retirement plan, tax, investment, and training in a way you can easily digest and understand it.


Wealth Management

Twitter Handle:



6. Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Simon Brown, a trading and investment expert (and wine drinker) gives investment advice that will benefit you if you're just starting out as an investor. He writes for Finweek ,  and hosts a weekly show on BusinessDay TV.

He also shares tweets from other investment experts like Nick Kunze on his Twitter page. Follow Simon on Twitter and check out his website SimonBrown.


Trading, Investment

Twitter Handle:



7. Karin Richards

Karin Richards

Investor and Technical Share Trader Karin Richards shares the latest trading news and forecasts on her Twitter page to keep you informed.


Investment, Trading, Shares, 

Twitter Handle:



8. Nerina Visser, CFA

Nerina Visser

No one knows the stock market or comments on it quite like Nerina Visser. The Independent ETF Strategist and advisor is a reliable source for investors and retirees.


Stock, ETF, Retirement Trust Fund

Twitter Handle:



9. Jean Pierre Verster

Jean Pierre Verster

Protea Capital Management's CEO, Jean Pierre is another reliable source to follow on Twitter for current stock market news and advice.


Stock, Wealth, Investment

Twitter Handle:



10. Adrian Saville

Adrian Saville

When it comes to the economy, business, and finance, Founder & CE, Economics Professor Adrian Saville has range. He offers advice, and tweets on the South African economy.


Economy, Finance & Strategy

Twitter Handle:



Tech Twitter Influencers In South Africa

Technology is a huge scene in South Africa, and an industry like this has its own giants/influencers who you can follow on Twitter.

These are 10 of the top tech twitter influencers in South Africa:

1. Aki Anastasiou 

Aki Anastasiou

Award-winning, Radio Host, Trafficologist, Aki Anastasiou is number one on this list for a reason. He was one of the first media personalities to corner the Twitter scene, and has not only amassed a huge following but has done marvellously well on it.

For Tech, Aki hosts the weekly show "Technobyte" which gets a lot of traffic, and is also the co-host of CNBC's show "Tech Busters" and SABC’s “Technorati”.



Twitter Handle:



2. Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur Goldstuck

Journalist, Media Analyst, Writer, Speaker, and Technology thought leader Arthur Goldstuck, on his Twitter page regularly shares the latest tech trends and innovations.



Twitter Handle:



3. Dave Duarte

Dave Duarte

Dave Duarte is a digital marketing expert, who shares his insightful ideas on social media usage, as well as news and trends. He also shares conferences and tweets from other noteworthy speakers you can benefit from.


Digital Marketing, Social Media

Twitter Handle:



4. Toby Shapshak

Toby Shapshak

Who better to get the latest tweets and news about gadgets, reviews, tech and mobile industry trends, than the Editor publisher of Stuff magazine, Toby Shapshak? Follow him for reliable and firsthand information on all the newest happenings in the tech industry.



Twitter Handle:



5. Lawrence Jugmohan

Lawrence Jugmohan

Lawrence Jugmohan is the creator of Digital Street SA a blog site that provides you with all the latest innovations and technological and scientific advancements you may have missed.

In addition to information, you can also get answers on Digital Street SA to your burning technological questions, hacks, and genuine reviews about a gadget you want to use.



Twitter Handle:



6. Clare Petra

Clare Petra

Tech Journalist, Clare Petra and Creator of Gadget Gal writes interesting posts about technology and gadgets which is something she is into. On her blog she also talks about women in the tech industry, news, and product reviews.


Technology, Business

Twitter Handle:



7. Ruan Smit

Ruan Smit

Ruan Smit created Pixelsmithstudios to build and promote South Africa's  Animation, Illustration, and Game development communities by establishing connections, creating a place where other like-minded creatives can express themselves and promote their work. 


Creativity, Tech, Gaming

Twitter Handle:



8. Arthur Atwell

Arthur Attwell

Tech and Content enthusiast, and Founder BookDash, For Better Care, Electric Book, Arthur Atwell specialises in Technology, Writing, and Business. Follow him on Twitter for insightful Tech tweets.


Business, Tech, Writing

Twitter Handle:



9. Ronan Steyn

Ronan Steyn

Ronan Steyn is an author at Venture Burn was a former tech Reporter/Production Manager at Meme Burn and you could really benefit from his tech wisdom by following him on Twitter.


Technology, Business, Startups

Twitter Handle:



10. Alistair Fairweather

Alistair Fairweather

Alistair Fairweather is the Founder of PlainSpeak. Professional and expert uncomplicator of technology, who is definitely worth following on Twitter for tech-related topics.


Technology, Business, Social Media

Twitter Handle:



Top Fashion Twitter Influencers In South Africa

Fashion is evolving, and because of how fast the fashion game changes you'll need progressive and forward-thinking people influencing it. These are the top fashion Twitter influencers in South Africa:

1.Brett Robson 

Brett Robson

Brett Robson is the owner of Fashion by Brett Robson, a Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog that has collaborated with numerous brands, and featured in multiple publications.


Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle

Twitter Handle:



2. Arum Lilea

Arum Lily

Arum Lilea blog was founded with the intention of catering to every ladies fashion needs, and to inspire young women to live their best life.


South African Fashion, Beauty, and Travel

Twitter Handle:



3. Aisha Baker

Aisha Baker

Baked Online by Aisha Baker is a beauty and world fashion trend blog, which has grown to become an award-winning blog.


Beauty and Fashion Trend

Twitter Handle:



4. Emma Jane Menteath

Emma Jane

Emma Jane Menteath is the creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog My Life In Pink where she shows off her amazing chic and minimal aesthetic which reflects her classic and pared-back approach to dressing and style.


Fashion and Lifestyle

Twitter Handle:



5. Sergio Ines

Sergio Ines

Fashion genius Sergio Ines’ blog may be named What My Boyfriend Wore, but it’s more focused on styling the man with a flair for fashion. 


If you’re an African gentleman who enjoys dressing up, you should follow this “Dandy’s Diary On All Things Dapper” on Twitter for tips on the what, where, how, and when of African men’s fashion.


Men’s Fashion And Style

Twitter Handle:



6. Melody Molale

Melody Molale

Melody Molale is one of South Africa’s top fashion influencers, she has worked with top brands like Brutal Fruit as one of their Goji Influencers, and is definitely worth following and emulating on Twitter. She has sharp style tips and fun Twitter page.


Fashion, Beauty, Travel

Twitter Handle:



7. Trevor Stuurman

Trevor Stuurman

creative director, photographer, entrepreneur, and media visual artist, Trevor Stuurman is one fashion influencer you should definitely be following on Twitter for fashion tips and wholesome tweets.


Fashion and Photography

Twitter Handle:



8. Calvyn Justus

Calvyn Justus

Following Olympic swimmer, model, fashionista, and Youtube content creator Calvyn Justus, gives you a glimpse into his awesome lifestyle, as well as his favourite exotic travel destinations, Olympic training, and fashion stylings which he graciously blesses your feed with.


Fashion and Modelling

Twitter Handle:



9. Shaun

Shaun Stylist

We are confident that ShaunStylist’s tweets will work wonders for your fashion life. He is an outstanding fashion influencer, image consultant, personal stylist, and shopper. Follow him on Twitter to get great tips on men’s fashion.


Image Consulting, Personal Styling/ Shopping, Fashion

Twitter Handle:



10. Jasna Zellerhoff

Jasna Zellerhoff

Jasna Zellerhoff is the creator of Fashion Jazz which is a personal style blog based on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Jasna’s Twitter makes for a good follow for fashion and makeup tips, and of course tweets about wine and sushi


Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Twitter Handle:



Top Lifestyle Twitter Influencers In South Africa

When it comes to sharp and meaningful tweets about travel, exploring good places, food, wine, health, raising children, and all-round lifestyle, these top South African Twitter influencers are who you should follow:

1.Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter’s blog Becoming You is exactly the type of positivity you need in your life as a woman or a mom. Becoming You blesses you with daily information, inspiration, and encouragement. On her blog, she writes about family, life, travel, health, fashion, and beauty.


Fashion, Life, Travel, Health, Fashion, and Beauty

Twitter Handle:



2. Natalie Roos

Natalie Roos

Tales Of Mermaid creator Natalie Roos is a lover of food and wine and all things fine, but also travelling the world, exploring the beautiful Cape Town scenery, taking pictures and our overlords Cats! Natalie’s tweets will grace your feed with tales about her stays at the best 5-star hotels and other things going on in her life.


Food, Travel, Photography

Twitter Handle:



3. Pilar Noriega

Pilar Noreiga

Pilar Noriega, former strategy consultant and active traveller,  got into travelling the world through scholarships, job opportunities, and volunteer projects, and now she uses her blog The Lifestyle Hunter as a platform to share insider tips on how she was able to accomplish this, to spur you into doing it yourself.


Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel

Twitter Handle:



4. Fiona Rossiter

Fiona Rossiter

Fiona Rossiter is a content creator and photographer, who is the founder of Inspired Living which is an online lifestyle magazine created to inspire women to action and provide them with great content on Decor, Food, Wine Photography, & Travel.


Decor, Food, Wine Photography, & Travel

Twitter Handle:



5. Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor

Three words for Samantha Taylor’s blog Life Retreat, new, exciting, and innovative. This blog produces engaging posts on luxurious living, fashion, travel, fitness, food, design, wellness, and all the latest trends. You will find that her blog posts are sharp, insightful, and just what you need.


Auto, Beauty, Business, Creativity, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Mommy, Sport, Tech, Travel, Wedding, and Wellness

Twitter Handle:



6. Shan Vijendranath 

Shan Vijendranath

You, Baby, and I was created by accidental blogger Shan Vijendranath and is a blog you need to follow as a mum for the best parenting tips to fall back on while handling your kids. On this blog, Shane herself being a mother of three kids, shares hacks and personal stories, tips, and views of her favourite brands for other moms to benefit from. Who better to give you advice on being a mom, than a mom herself?


Parenting and Lifestyle

Twitter Handle:



7. Kirki Marli

Kik Marli

Kiki Marli creator of African News, Entertainment, Lifestyle blog Ossify Media, invites you into a world filled with insightful and engaging content on a number of topics like celebrity lifestyles, news, travel, parenting, food, fashion, and talent exposure.


Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Mommy, and Travel

Twitter Handle:



8. Kari

Kari Lovilee

Created by Kari, Lovilee Blog is your ultimate fix for events and outings, and of course content on South African weddings, Lifestyle, and Party. Lovilee Blog is a sound inspirational mood board packed with party and home decor ideas, DIY projects, and free printables.


Lifestyle, Events, and Decoration

Twitter Handle:



9. Leigh Geary

Leigh Geary

Leigh Geary’s The Mom Dairies feeds the modern mom content she needs to navigate parenting. In addition to parenting tips for moms, as plus her blog has fashion tips for moms and kids, decor, beauty, and food.


Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Decor, Food

Twitter Handle:



10. Dirty Pink City

Dirty Pink City

Dirty Pink City is run by a travelling blogger, who roams through South Africa to write about music, festivals, art, travel, and fashion.


Lifestyle, Music, Festivals, Art, Travel, Fashion

Twitter Handle:



Top Travel Twitter Influencers In South Africa

The travellers in the list, have travelled to some of the best towns in South Africa, and have used their Twitter feed as a map for your to follow them on. Getting advice for the best towns to travel to, best hotels to stay in? These are the top travel Twitter influencers in South Africa.

1. Boring Cape Town Chick

Boring Cape Town Chick

Although the name says Boring Cape Town Chick, we bet there is nothing boring about this Travel and Lifestyle blog which details experiences about the creator’s life in Cape Town, her travel adventures, the food she loves to eat, and parties she’s attended. Any of these sound boring? Follow her on Twitter for more.


Travel and Lifestyle

Twitter Handle:



2. Your Adventure Guy

Your Adventure Guy

Your Adventure Guy is a platform/ community blog where numerous travelling and adventurous bloggers can share their experiences and adventures. The blog has content about Travelling, Fashion, Lifestyle, Taste, and Shopping.


Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Taste, and Shopping

Twitter Handle:



3. Monique Van Der

Monique Van Der

Monique Van Der broke free from the confines of the corporate world, and followed her passion, in the social media and photography scene. She also has an Air BnB you could totally stay in.


Social Media and Photography

Twitter Handle:



4. Stephanie Marthinus

Stephanie Marthinus

Stephanie has a proven skill for Photography, Traveling, Beauty, Adventure, and exploring small towns. No one reveals the secrets of unexplored places quite like her. You can check out her blog at Stephanie Marthinus.


Photography, Traveling, Beauty, Adventure

Twitter Handle:



5. Living It Up CT

Living It Up CT

This Travel/Lifestyle blogger from Cape Town, and creator of Living It Up CT, will bless your Twitter feed with great tweets about Food, Wine, stunning destinations, beaches Mindfulness, and the Ecosystem.


Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Wine, Mindfulness

Twitter Handle:



6. Tulips & Phoenix

Tulip & Phoenix

This Travel and Leisure page will satisfy the traveller in you, and spur you to actually start travelling. Tulip & Phoenix's knack for storytelling will fill your feeds with pictures of a well-travelled woman who you wished you were. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well.


Travel, Leisure

Twitter Handle:



7. Travelbug Rose

Travelbug Rose

Rose the travelling blogger is like a modern-day Alice exploring new places, and using her sharp visual storytelling, to show you where she's been to and why you should go there. In addition to following her on Twitter, you can also read about her adventures on her blog Go Travel Bug






8. TravelSA/Travel Opulent Box

Travel SA/Travel Opulent

The host/ leader of the large platform Travel Chat SA is your ultimate and reliable go-to traveller for all things travelling.  This nature enthusiast is who you should be asking about places to go, what to wear, and what to eat. Visit her website Travelopulent at Taplink


Travelling and Nature




9. Cape Town Twins

Cape Town Twins

If you love going on hiking trails, then you'll definitely love the CPT Twins. This duo will take you with them on their hikes in the wild. It's okay, you can hike with virtually and in spirit by viewing their Twitter feed.


Travelling and Hiking

Twitter Handle:



10. The Roaming Giraffe

The Roaming Giraffe

DiBrown5 aka the Roaming Giraffe will bless your feed with amazing photography, sharp travel writing, good news, and positivity. A proud supporter of touring responsibly you should definitely be following on Twitter.


Travelling and Photography

Twitter Handle:



Food Twitter Influencers In South Africa

Looking at your phone isn't supposed to make you salivate or wish you were an astounding chef in another life. But if you're scrolling through any of the tweets by these top food influencers in South Africa, chances are, any or all of those two things would happen.

1. Melissa Delport

Melissa Delport

Melissa Delport, Baker, Photographer and Creator of the Truffle Journal, will make you drool with the pictures of the cakes she baked and at the same time get you into nutrition and eating healthy with her tweets. Follow her for your daily slice of mouth-watering cakes and nutritional tips.

PS: check out The Truffle Journal


Baking, Nutrition, Photography

Twitter Handle:


2. Nina Timm

Nina Timm

What was that? Did someone say, mouth-watering recipe? Do you mean Nina Timm? We thought that was who you meant.

Nina Timm is an author, motivational speaker, and also a freelance "delicious" recipe developer. She is the creator of MyEasyCooking and if you follow her on Twitter, you may or may not catch a glimpse of the recipes she always shares with her followers on her Twitter page. 

We are just saying…


Food, Recipe Development

Twitter Handle:



3. Anina Meyer

Anina Meyer

Foodie, Photographer, Food Stylist and Blogger Anina Meyer is who to follow for new and interesting food ideas. With her impeccable tips and healthy food tweets, you could totally switch up your cooking skills, and go from an average cook to an acceptable competition for Gordon Ramsey. For more food ideas, check Aninas Recipes


Food, Photography

Twitter Handle:



4. Richard Bosman

Richard Bosman

Richard Bosman is a passionate foodie who turned his hobby into a business, and now you can too, by following him on Twitter for a close look into his process and business strategy. Visit his websites and


Food, Business

Twitter Handle:



5. Di Bibby

Bibbys Kitchen at 36

Food and Twitter are locked in an unending relationship, and Di Bibby aka Bibbyskitchen is the one who is bringing the sizzle to this match born out of a mutual love for food. Thank God the process of following her on Twitter for more sizzling recipes is shorter than this sentence and the first one.


Food Styling, Recipe Development, Photography, Food Blogging

Twitter Handle:



6. Pete Goffe-Wood

Pete Goffe-Wood

The Food Alchemist and Wine Quaffer himself stuns with not just his Twitter bio, but his amazing food recipes and wine recommendations that could cause your head to spin. Follow him on Twitter to drool for yourself. You can also check out his website. 


Food, Wine, Cooking

Twitter Handle:



7. Baking Ginger

Baking Ginger

Baking Ginger's Twitter page is what happens when you combine astounding baking skills and sharp photography skills. On her page, you will get healthy recipes for treats and drinks you can easily enjoy without worrying about the health implications. For more healthy eating, visit her blog, Baking Ginger. 


Food, Photography, Health

Twitter Handle:



8. Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell

On her Twitter Page, Sam Linsell aka hunter of the delicious shares with fellow foodies and good food enthusiasts, her favourite recipes as well as fun ways to eat seemingly boring foods like a salad.

Who knew there was a fun way to eat a salad?! Check out her blog Drizzle & Dip and follow her on Twitter for more eye-opening recipes.


Food Styling, Food and Travel Photography

Twitter Handle:



9. Carey Erasmus

Carey Erasmus

Development Chef and Food Scientist/ nutritionist Carey Erasmus share her delicious recipes on Twitter, as well as her amazing recreation of foods from great chefs. Check her blog Bits of Carey 


Food Consultancy, Development Chef, Food Styling

Twitter Handle:



10. Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder the creative genius behind Simply Delicious started her blog as something personal to be shared with close friends and family, but today her cookbook can be found in several South African homes, acting as the voice whispering glorious recipes into the ears of aspiring chefs. 

Following Alida on Twitter gives you a visual and close look into her cooking and recipes which she is willing to share. You can also check her website.


Food,  Cookbook Author, Styling, Photography, Writing

Twitter Handle:



Brand Twitter Influencers In South Africa

Want to know more about being a brand influencer or just need influencers for your brand? These are 10 of the South African Brand Influencers you should be following on Twitter.

1.Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris is an AfricaSports anchor, MC & voice artist, Brand Ambassador to Arabella Hotel, Westin CT, Taylormade, Adidas, SSISA, orca & GPS Gadgets.

Twitter Handle:



2. Doctor Khumalo

Doctor Khumalo

Doctor Khumalo is a Football Legend, the star midfielder for @kcfoffical and Brand Ambassador for FordMustang and Puma 

Twitter Handle:



3. Esihle Mhluzi

Eshile Mhluzi

Esihle Mhluzi aka Queen is a Writer, Model, Law, Chairperson: UFS Universal Access Council Impairment Agenda Advocacy, Face of FS Fashion Week:1st RU, and Brand Ambassador.

Twitter Handle:



4. Apex World

Apex World

Apex World is an ambassador/Brand Influencer for the Australian clothing brand Cotton On.

Twitter Handle:



5. Uyanda Purple Dancer

Uyanda Purple Dancer

Choreographer, Video Journalist, Marketing Creative Strategist, Uyanda Purple Dancer is the Cape Town Carnival Best Brand Ambassador.

Twitter Handle:



6. #ZuluWomanWithSomePower


An active brand Influencer, #ZuluWomanWithSomePower's Twitter bio reads AfricaFashion/Fitness Blogger @theivysontour 2019 Promoter, @theplugmovement_sa Promoter, @the_bag_plug_sa Brand Ambassador (code ApplePlug15)

Twitter Handle:



7. Nonii


Nonii is a Theatre Actress and Brand Ambassador for a mega entertainment venue Zone6Venue

Twitter Handle:



8. Njebs Mbatha

Njebs Mbatha

Njebs Mbatha is the Brand Ambassador for Seva an online learning resources hub. 

Twitter Handle:






@bongekileDlamz is the Brand Ambassador for Zone6Venue.

Twitter Handle:



10. JozieStyle


JozieStyle is an AfricaFoodie with an appetite for fun and social media collaborations and is the Proud Brand Ambassador for StreetSmartSA.

Twitter Handle:



Be sure to give each of these influencers a follow on Twitter, so that you too can partake from their knowledge about their industry, and expertise as well.


For more experts to follow on Twitter, read:

Top HR Experts to Follow on Twitter for Amazing Career Advice

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