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Zoom Alternatives

Updated on Jul 15, 2020 90026 views
Zoom Alternatives

Looking for Zoom alternative or just want to try something else?

In this article, I will be sharing with you 10 zoom alternative that you and your team can try.

In this era of remote work, virtual meetings are all the rage. And why wouldn't they? After all , about 80% of the world total population is lockdown and working for home.

Video meeting tools like Zoom provides a convenient way for team members in different locations to meet and discuss work-related issues without being confined to barriers like distance. 

Given the way meetings and conferences are evolving, there's no better time than now, for your company or you as an individual to adopt this practice and start using various video tools. 

Apart from the popular Zoom, these are other Zoom alternatives your company can use for their next virtual meeting, webinars, conference, or interviewer.

Zoom Alternatives

  • Google Hangout

  • Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Google Meet

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Skype Meet Now

  • GoToMeeting

  • BlueJeans

  • JoinMe

  • Jitsi Meet Team

  • Talky

  • Gotalk


1. Google Hangout

Zoom Alternatives

Google Hangout is an initiative of Google and is free and easy to use.

With Google Hangout, you can video chat with up to 10 participants and have a voice conversation with up to 150 participants.

When you make an appointment on Google Calendar, you get notified by Google Hangout as to when you can get on a call.


  • Voice Call

  • Instant messaging

  • Inbuilt Screen Sharing

  • Screen Focus

  • Muting

  • Compatible with other devices

  • Integration with Google applications

  • Custom Admin control


2. Cisco Webex Meetings

Zoom Alternatives

Cisco Webex Meetings Video meetings layout is modern, intuitive, and productive. 

The app is available for free use, but also has a premium version starting at $13.50 per host, per meeting.


Free Version:

  • can host up to 100 attendees

  • unlimited meeting time

  • call-in for audio

Premium Package:

  • cloud storage

  • recording transcripts

  • downloadable video meeting files

  • customizable meeting room links


3. Google Meet

Zoom Alternatives

Google Meet is another tool created by Google, which you can use to host virtual meetings for your team.

Previously, it was just restricted to individuals who use G Suite, but is now accessible to people who have a Gmail account. Gmail users can talk to 100 people using Google Meet.

Users can join from Google calendar, or via an email invite. Meanwhile, G Suite users can integrate Meet with other Google apps like  Docs, Drive, Sheet, and Notes.


  • Meeting of up to 100 people

  • Unlimited call time until September 30, 2020. After which it will be reduced to 60 minutes

  • Screen sharing

  • Real-time translation

  • Recording

  • Scheduling


4. Microsoft Teams

Zoom Alternatives

Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for collaboration amongst team members, and is good for teams that are just starting off with an in-house group communication tool. It is easy to use.

Teams can host up to 250 participants, and has a feature that blurs your background if you require.


  • Allows your team to store conversations, meetings, files, and devices in a shared workspace that can be accessed by members.

  • Manage projects

  • File editing and sharing

  • HD video and audio

  • Private group chats

  • Channels

  • Custom notifications


5. Skype Meet Now

Zoom Alternatives

Skype Meet Now is an extension of Skype, and can be easily accessed via the Meet Now Feature on Skype. Click on the Meet Now Button on the left side of the Skype app.

This app is perfect for webinars, meetings, and interviews as well.


  • Free meeting

  • Generate call link

  • Join a call through the link

  • Can invite people who are not on Skype

  • Call recordings can be saved for later and up to 30 days

  • Blur your background

  • Share your screen

  • Can use on any device with Skype app

  • Can access on the web

  • Access chat at anytime


6. GoToMeeting

Zoom Alternatives

GoToMeeting is good for doing a number of things online, from hosting meetings to organising webinars and making video calls.

It provides one-click meetings, and participants can instantly join or host meetings from anywhere, via a phone or laptop.


  • Instant one-click meetings

  • GoToRoom for creating a meeting space.

  • Tools for organising webinars

  • Cloud recording takes notes while meetings are going on

  • Built-in audio

  • Scheduler

  • Desktop/ application sharing


7. BlueJeans

Zoom Alternatives

Unlike the name, BlueJeans is not a clothing store or a type of clothing, it is actually a top-notch video conferencing tool.

This tool integrates video, web, and audio conferencing with other collaboration tools used daily by people. It connects mobile devices and desktops in meetings.

Meetings in BlueJeans are fast to join and easy to participate in.


  • Secure, universal, and easy video conferencing and call, and live streaming.

  • HD video conferences

  • Multiple party video meetings and large events

  • Can be used on any device

  • Content and video sharing

  • Meeting recording

  • Text chat


8. JoinMe

Zoom Alternatives

On JoinMe, you can get all your teammates in different locations on the track, review documents and designs, hold staff training and demonstrate how products work.

With its activities like screen sharing, online meetings, and real-time collaboration with your team are easy and fast.


  • Customizable meeting background

  • Personalized meeting URL

  • Recording

  • Scheduling

  • One-click screen sharing


9. Jitsi Meet Team

Zoom Alternatives

Jitsi Meet is an open platform where you can create a meeting, by simply visiting the website, entering your meeting name, and clicking the Go button. No need to create an account.

The web version provides familiar features such as screen sharing, text chat, and ability to "kick" offenders during the meeting. You can also stream your meeting on YouTube live using Jitsi and lock your meeting room with a password. 


  • Free and secure video conferencing

  • Compatible with Slack, Google Calendar, and Office 365

  • Can host up to 75 participants

  • Public or private chat

  • Can blur your background


10. Talky

Zoom Alternatives

Talky doesn't require registration to sign in, just name your meeting and send out the link to your teammates. You can also share your screen.

However, the downside to Talky is that it is limited to only 6 people per call.


  • Easy setup

  • No need for registration

  • Can take up to 6 people


11. Gotalk

Gotalk lets users hold video meetings in a browser and supports up to 12 webcams at once using the latest WebRTC standard, while providing full end-to-end encryption. What’s more, users don’t need to log in or create an account to hold basic meetings. Anyone can simply create a custom-named free room from the homepage, send the link to another person, and then be connected in seconds. While other WebRTC video services often have few features, Gotalk comes bundled with a great number — most of which are free

These Zoom alternatives are top-notch, have free and paid packages, and can be used on a mobile phone or a desktop.  If you are looking for which tool to use for your next team virtual meeting, any of these tools should suffice.


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