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15 Best Business Blogs In South Africa To Read

Updated on Jan 31, 2020 5986 views
15 Best Business Blogs In South Africa To Read

Where do you go when you want amazing business advice in South Africa?

If you are like me, you will go to Google and type "best business blog".

And you will need to go through a lot of list.

But what if you could have all that information in just one place?

That is why we have created this article on the best business blogs to follow.

There is a lot of information on  websites and blogs, regarding business advice, tips, ideas, trends, forecasts and predictions, but not all of them are exactly correct or have the expertise required to address issues relating to business.

And to be honest, if what you want is credible advice and tips from real entrepreneurs and business experts who have either failed or succeeded in the areas you are currently struggling with or you are looking for an indepth look into the inner workings of the business industry, then these are the 15 best business blogs in South Africa, that you should actually be reading.


Best Business Blogs to Follow in SA

  • Fin24
  • How We Made It in Africa
  • Cobus Van Vuuren
  • Nation Builder
  • Smatfin
  • Wealth Creator
  • Elzette Fourie
  • Fox and Owl Media
  • Nichemarket
  • The CA Blog
  • Living With Petrolene
  • Dairy of A Whimical Girl
  • SA Crypto
  • Shipping and Frieght Resources
  • People Connect Group


 1. Fin24

Fin24 posts the latest business news, forecasts, opinions, and trends in South Africa’s business sector, as it is happening. You can also get the newest business policies implemented by the government and challenges faced in the industry, as well as entrepreneur advice.



2. How We Made It In Africa

How We Made It In Africa, not just posts business advice, but it also features entrepreneurs from South Africa and other African countries to share their journey to success.

It posts the areas that are lucrative and are the future of business. How We Made It In Africa gives business insight.


How We Made It In Africa


3. Cobus van Vuuren

Cobus van Vuuren helps business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs alike identify and expand their network of sales leads, using Digital Marketing.

He also provides blueprints that acts as a manual to help you grow your sales and bottomline results.


Cobus van Vuuren


4. Nation Builder

Run by Keri-Leigh Pascal, Nation Builder is an online peer-learning community for corporate social investment. Nation builder gives you resources that are developed by their panel of experts, offers real time advice and you can engage in conversations with peers to help you improve your business' social impact.


Nation Builder


5. Smatfin

If you are looking to go into retail, then Smatfin is exactly the blog you should be following. It is a retail blog that focuses on the Southern Africa Retail Industry. They help retail entrepreneurs get more customers. 

Smatfin works across retail such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Health & Beauty, Homeware, Electronics and Fashion. The blog is run by Shimanga Mubitana.




6. Wealth Creators

Lisa Illingworth’s Wealth Creators aims to educate people who left or are still in the corporate sector, who want to start a business and become an entrepreneur.


Wealth Creators


7. Elzette Fourie

Elzette Fourie’s Industry Insights focuses on Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising.  Her writings aim to teach recruiters and employers how to build a good reputation so that they can attract the right candidates and in turn teaches candidates to develop their personal brand so that they appeal to ideal recruiters.


Elzette Fourie


8. Fox & Owl Media

Fox And Owl works with businesses that are in the health & wellness, holistic healing, alternative medicine and eco-sustainability sectors.

They help you build websites and online shops that attract, educate, and advise your ideal clients and establish you as an expert in your field.


Fox & Owl Media


9. nichemarket

Nichemarket is a startup company and a small blog, that wants to help other companies and entrepreneurs, by sharing their knowledge on how to build a business with them, and bring together a community of experts to also share their own knowledge.




10. The CA Blog

The CA Blog is written by experienced financial recruitment consultants. It focuses on helping job seekers and freshers who are new to the industry by writing on topics such as CV writing, interview etiquette, career advice and the intricacies of the modern workforce.


CA Blog


11. LivingLife with Petrolene

LivingLife with Petrolene is a Lifestyle and Business Blog that teaches individuals how to successfully combine wellness, health and productivity with their career. It sells the idea that you can work long hours at the office, skip lunch and still maintain your health.

And of course, it also gives you career/business advice.


LivingLife with Petrolene


12. Diary Of  A Whimsical Girl

Diary of a Whimsical Girl is both a business and lifestyle blog. The author Taryn Victor uses the business platform of the blog to share stories from entrepreneurs and start-ups alike, on what it takes to start and maintain a business. 

She also uses this platform as a way to help businesses get some exposure for their works.


Diary of a Whimsical Girl


13. SA Crypto

SA Crypto is South Africa’s largest block chain community. The website has the latest news and information on blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin from drop to regulation and prices, to analysis.


SA Crypto


14. Shipping And Freight Resources

Shipping and Freight Resource, helps you develop your Shipping and Freighting knowledge and gives you an insight into what is currently happening in this industry. 

Note that this blog is centered only on  the shipping and freight industry.


Shipping and Freight Resource


15. People Connect Group

People Connect Group is a blog that shares inspiring stories of South African entrepreneurs and latest small business trends. It is packed with advice on everything you need to know about running a business, and everything you need to start or run your business.


People Connect Group


Now that you know of these business blogs, why waste anymore time and energy searching the web for authentic business information and advice? Simply visit any of theses business blogs to find what you are looking for.

But, before you run off to check out these blog sites, remember to like, and share this article with your entrepreneur and business inclined friends.  Also, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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